Blue Bird??

Blue Bird??

It's a beautiful bird and make a great card Fiona

Maybe a well fed starling, I like the colour.

Posted by K 0 on Sun 08 Nov 19:17:29

A lovely design Fiona - I think it looks like a thrush too.

There is no end to your talent, Fiona. Lino cut now! Great!

It could be either, is there no end to your talent in any medium, great work.

i love the simplicity of this lino cut Fiona and yes, it's definitely morphed into a thrush!

This is lovely. I've not done any lino cut since school. Think I'd like to try it again.

I like the expression on his face, as if he knows something we don't know. I also like the moon design, very good.

Thank you Dennis, I&#39;m trying out designs for &#39;C&#39; cards.....I hate to mention that &#39;C&#39; word so early!lol <br />Yes Gudrun, black ink which I prefer, I have another design that I&#39;ll probably post in black.<br />Kevin, Julie, Jennifer, Glennis, Christine, Peter, Margaret thank you all for your very helpful feedback....Thrush it is!

Too many biscuits perhaps but who cares, winter is coming anyway and he will need the extra layers. Lovely Lino cut Fiona!

A really good clean cut lino print Fiona, well done indeed, not overworked either which I like.<br /><br />I&#39;ll be sending the same amount as I sent last year - NONE!

Nearly missed this one Fiona....hard to keep up as the gallery fills up so quickly each day, and I think I hadn&#39;t backtracked far enough!!!!!! I love the design, starling or thrush, its really cute, and will indeed make a lovely seasonal card.

Lovely scene Fiona!

It could be too many biscuits Satu, I should have been kinder to his figure, thank you for your comment.<br />Thank you Alan glad you like it, it&#39;s simple like me!lol<br />Thanks Chandra, Sarah for your kind comments.

It&#39;s lovely Fiona , would make a craving xmas card

Ha , Ha , sorry that&#39;s meant to be a cracking XMas card

Lol...Dermot, your craving Xmas card made me laugh....thank you.

A very neat lino cut Fiona, mine always look so messy. ( and he&#39;s not fat, he&#39;s just fluffed his feathers up against the wind and rain we are getting at the moment :) )

Thanks Val, I hope he&#39;s fluffed up for the weather that&#39;s on it&#39;s way for the west coast in the next couple of days.

Hang on Studio Wall

Lino cut. Sorry about the title! It's suppose to be a starling but it looks too rotund, it's more like a thrush in shape I think.

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