Waxwing Sketch


Lovely - what a beautiful bird.

Different, but definitely in your distinctive loose style. Really like it.

A good 'un. You seem able to catch the pose so well. He looks so right on that branch, all ready to take off.

Super sketch Fiona, so delicate.

Margaret, Heather, Brian, Paul, Lewis, Lynn, many thanks to you all for your very kind comments.

Lovely line and wash sketch Fiona.

I don’t think I’ve seen one, but I’m no twitcher! Super little sketch Fiona.

Nearly missed this one Fiona. It's a really lovely sketch!

Teresa, thank you. Thanks Al, they are beautiful birds. Hoorah! Louise it is wonderful to see you back! Thank you.

I've only seen these in a flock some time ago now, quite rare to see, a flock had been seen a couple of weeks ago when we went into Retford, all the twitchers were out with their cameras. You have caught the pose beautifully, 👍😁

Great sketching, great wash and good colours.

Thanks Linda, yes it’s a treat to see them and such a lovely noise they make when they are in a group. Thank you Richard!

Lovely loose painting Fiona, I would love to see a waxwing in real life one day.

I hope you do Anjana, a sight you will never forget. Thank you for your comment.

He is gorgeous.

Thanks very much Shirley!

Beautiful sketch, Fiona. Such a light touch in your work makes this a delight.

That’s a lovely thing to say Jennifer, thank you.

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Ink and watercolour sketch in sketchbook. Beautiful birds which I’ve only had the luck to see on one occasion. A large flock of them were feeding on the berries of the Rowan trees in a car park in Ullapool.

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