ArtGraf Sketch

ArtGraf Sketch

Playtime, eh? Looks good to me!

Nice tones and shapes Fiona.

Blimey that was quick! Thanks Thalia, didn’t want to start something Thanks Michael, I was thinking about tones.

Nice to have fun.

Good tones Fiona, you get some great ideas from playing around with paint 😀

I love the sense of freedom you get when playing about. Lovely tones & reflections.

Nice to experiment sometimes Fiona.

Happy playing Fiona .

I'll second Sylvia. Happy playing.

Might be only a quick sketch but it made me click on it a few times. The spontaneity makes it very attractive.

Posted on Mon 21 May 06:38:29

It’s got potential though Fiona. Love those little blue dabs.

Thank you very much everyone, your comments are always appreciated.

Looks like you had fun playing with all the different tones Fiona.

Loose and simple . It works well and really like the touch of blues.

Thanks very much Val and Richard for taking a look!

Nice one Fiona, Like it

I see the enjoyment in your work Fiona playing ,experimenting your lovely style shines through

This is so good and a great colour Fiona!

David J, David H, Carole....thank you very much I enjoy playing about more than doing the serious stuff.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketch book. Just playing.....

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