Viridian and Emerald Green

Viridian and Emerald Green

Fiona, just awesome love your art

Well I think that this is very successful Fiona. Some super colour combo's going on here and I do like that strong grey tone in the bowl and elsewhere; was that my mix of Viridian + Aliz + White ?, if so, it's worked well.

Thank you Jenny that's very kind of you! Yes, Alan it is your recipe for the greys and also I used your Emerald / cerulean mix. Thank you.

Lovely refreshing colours, Fiona.

Colours work really well Fiona, and you have some lovely bold textures in there.

This is lovely - great colours and textures.

Great colours Fiona, but I feel at the end of the day we all have to find our own way with colours. EVEN VIRIDIAN. LOL. Saying that I do not mean to disrespect any advice given.

The colours work so very well. Intriguing composition.

Lovely brilliant colours, tones and brushwork Fiona.

Lovely work Fiona, beautiful matching colours.

Well done for experimenting - my pictures look better from a long way off, too: but then, so did Rembrandt's, apparently - he told people not to 'sniff the paint'. Not only do I like the experiment, and like the painting, but the lemon and lime remind me that the weekend is here tomorrow, and that's when I hit the gin and tonic: so, doubles all round! Make that trebles.......

Ellen, Linda, Avril thank you very much ladies for your comments, much appreciated. Yes John, the only permanent way to hold colour mixes in the head is to work them out for yourself, but a little advice when your stuck is always appreciated. Especially with a memory like mine! Lol

Many thanks Gudrun, thought I would get up and personal with the lime! Michael, thank you very much x Thank you Cesare, glad you like the colours.

Robert why wait until tomorrow, it's Friday evening, the weekend starts here! Thank you very much for your feedback and the colour mix advice on the forum.

Refreshing combination of vibrant colours, Fiona. I love your new trials and in a way envy the excitement of discovering new media. I'm going to a watercolour workshop in two weeks time and it scares me a bit but hopefully I'll learn something new.

As usual being too hard on yourself, this is a lovely study with no trace of mud to my eye.

Thanks Pete! Satu, you will succeed in watercolour, you are instinctive where art is concerned. I'm sure you will enjoy the challenge of it. Hope we get to see the results! Thank you. Barry thank you, you are very kind about my paintings, appreciate it.

Some smashing colours going on in this Fiona, your experiment worked really well!

Thanks very much Margaret.

I am not normally drawn to still lifes but there is something about this bowl of fruit....the colours just 'zing ' Fiona'! Love the colour palette.

Hang on Studio Wall

14x8 oil on canvas. A very rough and ready painting in conjunction with a colour mixing thread on the forum. I asked for colour mixes for Viridian and Emerald green, I received some very useful mixes, all of which I have tried to use in this painting. There are a couple of other colours also, and I have stirred up some mud as well . It doesn't look too bad from a very, very, very long way off!

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