Ploughed Field


Splendidly simple and effective Fiona. Nice.

Very watercoloury Fiona, I like the "gung-ho" approach and your colour combinations are very pleasing. Well done.

Some rather nice passages of spontaneity and also control Fiona, super work in your sketch book.

It's got a nice igglddy piggldy feel to it Fiona .

Like the looseness and the simple style, Fiona

Love the washes. It creates a lovely atmosphere, one I recognise, Scottish .....

Lovely fluid lines and great depth created with your loose washes, !!!

Jim, Michael, Paul, Alan, Dennis,Maureen, Gudrun and Linda.....many thanks to you all for your smashing comments. I am trying to parr down what I am looking at within the landscapes. It isn’t easy, what to keep what to leave out? Thanks again.

Great job Fiona. Wish I was so brave. Amazing what simplicity you can achieve with such looseness but it takes great skill and courage. My hat goes off to you Fiona.

Excellent observation and interpretation Fiona. I love the layers you’ve achieved moving into the distance. Very stylish.

great little sketch Fiona-youv'e said it all in a few simple strokes.

Beautifully simple and effective.

Love the way have loosely captured the foreground Fiona, says it all with your brushstrokes

Very effective Fiona, love the colours!

Another super spontaneous "offering" !

Thank you all very much indeed for your lovely comments.

This is just lovely, Fiona, attractive composition and colours.

Many thanks Jenny.

Great depth achieved here Fiona....I especially like the backdrop of soft trees.🤗

Chandra, thank you very much.

Lovely! You have really captured the D&G autumn colours.

Many thanks Margaret.

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Watercolour in sketchbook. A ploughed field is an unusual site around here, most of the land is pasture land. When a field is ploughed it’s usually set to grass again, so a ploughed field always stands out amongst the green.

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