Chopdyke Lane

Chopdyke Lane

Stunning, Fiona! Love the range of cools with just the right touch of warms, and the beautiful, atmospheric sky.

Light, bright, sunny, crisp, cold and beautiful, Fiona. You've got it all here and I love it!

Super study Fiona, but I'd have loved it if you had included yourself!

Many thanks ladies for your continued encouragement and kind words. I appreciate the time you take to look and comment. It gives me reasurance about whether I've manage to put over some of the atmosphere that I intended. Thanks again. Debs, I'm a chicken were it comes to adding figures!!

I don't think you would have spoiled it, Fiona - a figure in a red coat usually works!! However, it probably doesn't need it as it is a lovely simple composition which has been beautifully and expressively painted.

Very nice bright, colourful work Fiona.

Love this painting- great colours. Its got me thinking about Christmas!

This really has that hushed feeling of a snow covered landscape. I thought it might have been fen when I saw the word "dyke" - I am familiar with that area .... Beautiful painting.

So full of light and lovely soft pastel colours too :)

Many thanks for your support Thea, Stephen, Guy, Gudrun, Sarah. I thought it may be a little early to be thinking of snow scenes but I couldn't resist it.

This is really lovely Fiona and I especially like the glow in the sky. Thank you for your advice about twigs & riggers etc. You have certainly achieved the twiggy look -I had a go but not much success -it obviously takes a lot of practice.

Love the warmth in it although it's winter, your style shines through Fiona - love it.

Great palette Fiona, lovely wintry scene.

Many thanks Carol, Glennis, Carole much appreciated ladies.

Not too early for snow scenes Fiona, Cairngorm has already had its first fall of snow LOL and we've had ice on the car and grass.Brrrr. You always manage to get some warmth into your watercolours, even snowy ones like this and you've caught the late afternoon sun perfectly in those shadows.

I could tell this was late afternoon straight away. a lovely feel to this special painting Fiona , can almost feel the silence.

Thank you very much Val, no snow up here yet even on Suilven. I shouldn't think it will be long though. I'm getting some practice in with this one! Lol! Thank you Denise, your comments are always appreciated.

Fiona, this is a most wonderful painting! I love snow (being a Finn!) and You have captured the crisp, clear atmosphere of a sunny winter day. Well done!

really beautiful Fiona, snow scenes are hard to get right but this is perfect

Satu, you have paid me a huge compliment, being a Finn, you are an expert on snow. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment Jenny, very much appreciated.

It's not that early to be thinking of snow scenes, judging by the weather over the last few days - (some exciting skies, though, to paint!). Lovely colour in this, using a limited palette, and I like your gnarled trees.

Thank you Robert. I think the tree is one of a few Elms that made it.

This is a super painting; one of your best among many excellent postings. I love everything about it; the pinkish sky, the general composition and the angled blue shadows across the snow. And the trees are excellent.

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Chopdyke Lane is a lovely 'green' lane near where I use to live in the Fens. There aren't many tree's in hedgerows in the Fens so this was quite an Oasis for birds and small mamals. It had a particular hush, ( if that's the right word) after a fall of snow and made it even more special. I'm in the original photo, which was taken late afternoon but thought I would leave me out, didn't want to spoil it! Lol! Done on Arches 12"x16" Old Holland watercolours; L. red, R. sienna, U. marine, V. brown.

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