Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast.

Good title and an impressively drawn digger.

Blimey that was quick Stephen! The digger was going okay until I made a mess of the tracks, they look skew-whiff. Thanks very much.

Brilliant I just love it, 😀

Obviously a true artist lives inside you. I would have seen this scene and not given a thought about painting it.

Thank you very much Linda! Lol...Tony, I just like the quirky I think....thank you. I will delete the duplicate, when the system will let me, I’ve tried but it isn’t playing at the moment.

Good on you for seeing the picture in this. Not the usual kind of landscape. Love it.

What a great title and wonderfully imaginative subject. I love the way you find such a variety of interesting subjects. Really like this

Great title, smashing spontaneous sketch. Good imagination at work Fiona.

Lewis, thank you. The digger looks large and imposing here but it was dwarfed by its surroundings looked almost intimidated by all the space. Lol Thank you Diana, coming from the Queen of interesting and unusual subjects Thanks Jim!

Diggers are beautiful and yours here is sweet Fiona (if one can say sweet about a digger!?)

I think I've seen that digger too but never thought of drawing it! Really good sketch, Fiona.

I really like this Fiona, I think making the digger larger as you have enhances the notion of "the beast". It really has character, looks as if it is actually going to eat those flowers.

Now like a true ' caterpiller ' you must think how to turn it into a butterfly.... Ummmmm sort of beauty from the beast?... Good picture though like it..

You have made a good job of that digger Fiona. I also like that house perched up in the background. Strong feelings about the digger, yes understood.

Super painting, Fiona, love the subject, composition and colours and especially the pen work on the digger.

wow!beauty and the beast very well done Fiona your art is coming on in leaps and bounds

Very good and very clever title !

What a great title for this lovely piece Fiona, I would never have thought of painting this!

Only you could turn a digger into such an interesting painting Fiona. Lots of colour in this with the yellow peril and the wild flowers and I've spotted the house in the background trees.

Just found this Fiona . Well painted and gold star from my nearly five year old grandson Tom who is an expert on diggers. He didn’t comment on the fluidly painted grasses but I will - excellent.

I hope I haven’t ‘painted’ the beast in a bad light.......I think he, the digger, helps on the reserve to keep channels free running and clear the sedges when they get out of hand, so he’s a helpful digger. A useful tool in this situation, it would forever with a spade! Thank you everyone for your great comments, very much appreciated, especially as it’s an odd subject.....not everyone’s cup of tea. I will treasure my gold star Michael!

Only just seen this, Fiona. The title is just great, leading us straight into the action. The beast was a kindly soul, for the most part, was he not? SO, the digger is helping whilst giving the impression of tyranny. Very nicely spotted and wonderfully executed. Bri

Haha you turned the beast into beauty after all...😁

Thank you very much Brian! Alan, I felt guilty that I had made him look like a!

Clever combination,love the wild flowers.

Thank you Annick.

I love this Fiona. I see this scene often at the foot of my street where we have fields and often thought about painting it through a gap in the trees, but never yet have got around to it. Maybe I will one day after seeing your one.

Thanks very much Dorothy, yes you should have a go...I quite enjoyed doing this.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” watercolour and ink on Jacksons rough. This beast was parked at Mereshead Reserve, it stood out on the grey day that it was, and against the beauty of the reserves wildflowers and surroundings.

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