'The Bare Trees'

'The Bare Trees'

Like this a lot, Fiona! I especially like the almost glassy quality of the water and the cool atmosphere.

Lovely Fiona, a gentle, calm painting. I haven't been on the site much this year (too busy) but the paintings you are doing now are 500% better than those I saw last year, Really varied and excellent paintings recently.

I really like this lovely painting Fiona.

A beautiful painting Fiona - love the subtle colours and reflections in the water

Nice one Fiona. I Like the light!

Very sharp and well defined. Fantastic.

Not only is the painting beautifully executed but you have chosen a delightful light set of colours. Well done, (again!!), Fiona.

Thank you Seok, Pat, Denise, Glennis, Colin and Peter. Your lovely and positive comments are very welcome, thank you. I think I could have gone darker at the top of the sky and the water, is it a bit wishy, washy?

Lionel, we must have cross posted! You are always too kind with your comments Lionel, but thank you, it means a lot. I used; R. sienna, U. marine, B. umber, and a little cad. yellow. Oh and waterproof & non-waterproof ink.

Lovely work Fiona,Leaves a chill feeling though. : )

Very nice Fiona, the poem goes well with the image.

sheer poetry in more ways than one - love it Fiona

What a lovely tranquil glow this painting has - full of the cold light of winter and the wonderful shapes of the naked trees. Great work.

William, Stephen, Michael, Kirstie, Thea thank you all very much for your lovely comments.

Really lovely Fiona, i lime It very much

Many thanks Louise, Petra....glad you like it!

This is just great, Fiona. Pen and wash is above all my prefered technique and I think, this beautiful landscape is one of my favourites of your great gallery.

this is such good work you are doing ,i think you do these so well:)Linda

Thank you Mia, I must admit I am coming round to liking pen & wash more and more. I admire your ability with the medium but unlike yourself I'm a very messy worker, so the un-refined habit (in my hands) of the way ink works suits me.

Thank you very much Linda, I'm very grateful for your lovely comment

really lovely scene Fiona.

I just saw it now Fiona and I really like it. Water is so good and the trees shiver with cold. A simple palette of colours works beautifully!

Many thanks Carole, Satu for your kind words.

So different again to your Lily Loch but just as lovely, if a little chillier :)

Thanks Val, I do appreciate your comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & Wash...another picture from a old sepia photograph in a Prose & Poetry book I have. O, thought I ! What a beautiful thing God has made winter to be, by stripping the trees, and letting us see their shapes and forms. What a freedom does it seem to give to the storms! Dorothy Wordsworth.

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