Don’t give two hoots


A lovely painting of a Tawny owl - one of my favourite birds to paint too, Paul!!

Definitely can never have enough, I feel the same way about hares. Another lovely painting Paul

A beautifully painted owl, Paul - it must have been so rewarding to look after that baby owl!

Lovely work Paul

David, Heather, Anne and Petra thank you for taking the time to look and comment on my painting it’s really appreciated.

Lol…great title to go with a great painting paul.

Lovely tawny owl Paul. You’ve painted his feathers really well.

Thank you for you kind comments Fiona and Christine.

What a lovely face Paul - really sensitively painted :)

Lovely rendition of a lovely bird. The whole point is to paint the things you like and inspire you keep painting your Tawny owls.

You did remind me an artist, that I used to get notifications every time she was advertising her arts for sale... Horses! It seems she didn't paint anything else ;) Well, it's nothing wrong to keep painting all over again the things close to our hearts! If you gone through my artwork, you'll notice, that multiple of times the subject is my niece! ;) How could I resist, having so many photos of her at the blink of the eye ;) I wish I could read rest of the story of your fostering young owl Paul! How challenging did you find feeding this bird? Did you set your bird free then, or it went to Zoo's enclosure? I'm doubt it could hunt its prey on his own, after being hand fed, though...

Thank you Lew , I’d anyone moans I will tell them that I have your permission to carry on .

Thanks Art , we must have been posting at the same time .

They are beautiful birds Paul and you have done this one justice.

A wise old Owl indeed Paul and love your story that makes this owl so special.

Smasher Paul.

Val , Chris and Sylvia thank you for you comments.

Well painted Paul and a great character too.

What a beautiful painting Paul, you clearly love owls, it just radiates out of the image. Well done!

Thank you Bryan and Gillian I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment.

Very Nice..

What a cutie 🥰

Just like me with my painting of my favourite pots and vessels. You like them so they still inspire you. Lovely painting Paul.

This is a really lovely painting, Paul. Beautifully done!

Many thanks for your comments Eric, Faye , Marjorie and Spencer . You spot on there Marjorie why not keep painting them there are so many combinations of patterns, colours and scenes , still it good to do other things as well.

The title is perfect for the expression on this lovely owls face,

I love this painting Paul. I used to collect owls (not real ones!) but since donated to charity and just kept one. I think I may have only seen a real owl once in the wild. They are beautiful and all birds are beautiful to me.

Lovely Tawny Owl Paul, great detail in the feathers.

Anne , Diane and Brian thank you for your kind comments.

Love this owl painting.

Thank you for your comments Pastor and Valerie I appreciate them .

Lovely painting Paul.

Your owl is really excellent Paul. Beautifully painted.

Thank you Denise and David for your much appreciated comments.

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A4 watercolour on loose canvas . My favourite creature tawny owls are just a mixture of browns and grey but they look so beautiful. I was fortunate to look after a young one for several months after it was disoriented and lost , it was blown by the wash of a landing jet . I get the urge to paint one every do often I have been told its odd but who cares , have several in my collection of paintings but you can never have enough can you .

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