Hoeing the veg patch


Lovely little work Paul.

Jumped out at me straight away so simple yet so effective

This is lovely Paul, I really like this.

Good sketch, Dixie.

Different from you Paul but just as good.

Thank you all for your kind comments they are really appreciated. I do quite a few of these little paintings in between larger one or alongside but don’t always think to post them. They are good fun and very relaxing as I don’t feel the need to get it perfect, but the seem to come out ok.

Lots to like Paul

Very good figure drawing and I like the gentle pastor washes.

Very nicely done Paul, I really like this.

Never my favourite job Paul -I much prefer to watch her doing it! Good sketch.

Thank you all for your very kind comments. I quite like hoeing Michael, it’s one way of pretending in very busy.

Good one Paul. I am impressed that it only took you 15mins!

Really good sketch Paul

Excellent figure Paul!

Delicate painting Paul , nice sketch.

Thank you so much for your very kind comments.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A very quick sketch for the October sketch a day , Took about 15 min may develop it some more

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