AEC Matador


Glad I read your description of what it is and it's uses. Interesting equipment ,nicely painted Paul. Much nicer than the monstrosities that rip up our lovely lanes these days.

Don’t make them like that anymore do they!? You have a way of capturing the essence of all these oldies Dixie, which I like.

A painting with a history. Well done, Paul.

This is lovely. It makes me want to rescue this lovely old lorry.

I like the watercolour wash over pencil effect, a little less strident than ink. It works well for this subject.

Good one Paul, love the old trucks 🚚.

What a great painting to keep as a historical record Paul.

It has a lot of character, well done, Paul!

Thank you all for your very kind comments I appreciate them . These old trucks do seem to have character and each one seems different, I think a lot is to do with the shape and how they were constructed, wood frames , tin panels and designed to look good . There was a lot of pride in the paintwork and signage was often beautifully done.

Well done Paul.👍

Full of character Paul.

George and Denise thank you for your kind comments I do appreciate them.

Thanks for the information Paul, I like a story with a painting. Excellent workhorse, which I suppose it replaced, great painting.

Thank you for your comment Fiona , yes the old truck were replaced and the replacements have been replaced a few times I think . Forestry management has changed so much since the 1980s, a machine now cuts the tree down spins it around stripping the branches and bark before cutting it to the required length in a few minutes. In some big forestry projects one man and his machine will cut approximately a thousand trees in a couple of days with little effort.

Very interesting info Paul and lovely drawing.

I've a fondness for these old 'flat-faced' trucks. Excellently visualised here.

Really interesting to read and look at

Christine, Spencer, Lew and Heather thank you for your kind comments. I to like the old trucks Lew and fortunately I had the opportunity to drive some of the old military ones as some of the specialist ones were still used when I joined up . They were hard work , crash gear boxes, needed to double the clutch and no power steering boy did your arms ache after a long journey you had muscles on yer spit by the end of a weeks field exercise.

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A pencil sketch with watercolours added . Old AEC Matador timber tractor , after WW11 the second hand truck market was flooded with ex military vehicles, the Matador was designed and used as a gun tractor. Ideal for heavy off road work they were used as recovery truck, timber tractors and by showmen for towing heavy rides etc.

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