Old hay truck


Having looked at this online I noticed that I have not got the bonnet quite right.

What a great old truck...good sketch, too.

Nice sketch Paul, love old farms always full of rusty derelict old machines.

I really like these old trucks you draw and paint.

Good drawing Paul nicely showing age.

Lovely sketch again Paul!

Thank you all for your kind comments they are much appreciated and encouraging.

Another vintage goodie.

Love your vintage drawings Paul, never would have known, that the bonnet was not right.

It’s only flat at the bottom though Paul! Another of your remarkable vintage trucks, they have so much more character than today’s examples.

Thank you Richard, Alan and Fiona for you comments. Funny you should mention the tyre only been flat at the bottom Fiona, I said the same thing to a neighbour last week, he was not amused, mind you he was trying to get the wheel of at the time. The old vehicles had some shape to then, not always great looking , but full of character.

Not only full of character, but you could maintain them yourself. Another goodun Paul.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 pencil sketch of an old farm truck loaded with hay, flat front tyre hence block under axle. Done for the daily challenge.

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