Two Old Barns


so lovely and pretty! 💚

Posted by Tanja G. on Wed 17 Jan 13:08:26

Like it a lot, Paul.

nice one and I like that barbed wire fencing in the foreground

I do like this Dixie, especially the dark interiors, giving it a sense of mystery.

Tanja, Spencer,David ,Heather and Tessa thank you for your kind comments I appreciate them. I agree Tessa the dark interiors add to the mystery but also offer a great contrast between the lighter colours I did toy with adding a broken barn door but thought it to much detail and that the dark gap offered more.

Nicely done, Paul - I also like the dark interiors, adds a nice contrast.

A lovely painting Paul, the dark interior makes you wonder whats inside the barns

Good one Paul ☺️

Nicely done indeed Paul. Has a lovely charm to it.

Good painting Paul, nothing wrong with the trees on the left.

Lovely painting Paul.

Nice Dixie.....look at that lovely summers day.

I like this a lot Paul. Nice one!

Thank you Cheryl, Stephen, Chris , George and Denise I really appreciate your comments. It one of those things that is bug me George and unfortunately its that area I see most, I’m sure we all have a similar issue with the occasional painting.

Sylvia and Thomas thank you , we must have been writing about the same time.

Striking contrasts Paul and I like the texture of the stonework. The barns sit in their surroundings beautifully with nature softening the edges.

It is a good painting and one a good number of buyers would want it on there living room wall. Sometimes we judge ourselves to harshly. Carry on painting Dixie you do some good work...

Fiona and John thank you for your kind comments.

The trees are fine Paul, and I love the stonework in the barns (which I invariably overdo).

A delightful scene Paul.

Christine, Andrew and Avril thank you for your kind comments. It’s to easy to overdo the stonework Andrew I have done it so many time myself, I deliberately made my self stop and avoided the urge to add one more stone well then two etc.

Good illustration for a child’s book Paul. Love the mystery of the interiors.

Thank you Carole for you kind comment, as a dyslexic person I loved illustrations when I was a child as a good one told a story , I still love illustrations from a artist point of view .

Good one Paul x

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour of two derelict barns in a field , an imaginary scene using two black and white references photographs for barns they are actually in different parts of the country and were demolished years ago. I’m a bit disappointed with the trees and shrubs to the left of the painting, tried to hard and messed it up a bit, moral is leave it simple .

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