Messing about with Payne’s Grey.


But where is the aerial perspective Paul? A great opportunity to use three of four different tones…strongest at the foreground, obvious I know!

The monot9ne effect gives this an intriguing, ghostly appearance Paul.

Nicely done Paul.

I'm a big fan of Payne's Grey, I use it all the time in place of black in both watercolour and acrylic, so , well done for experimenting with it Paul. This has a nice misty feel to it!

Atmospheric study Paul!

Thank you all for your kind comments, as said it was just messing about . Alan is correct there is no aerial perspective lack of concentration seems to be my problem this week mind on other things.

I've got two suggestions for you: a) Davey's Grey makes a very interesting monochrome colour: but lay it on with a bit of oomph. B) For two colour studies, it's hard to beat Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. You've been a bit cautious with the tones in this one, though, as Alan has pointed out: a bit of wet in wet tonal painting here would have made this more interesting. I'm less fond than many of Payne's Grey (mind you, it was good enough for the great Rowland Hilder, so waddo I know?) - it's a neutral colour which for me is a lot too neutral; it has given you a misty impression here, which is great if that's what you were after, but I'd love to see some strong tones, to tempt me to pursue that path from dark into mid-tone and then into light. You didn't ask for crits, so apologies for that! But - some of us can't help ourselves...

Oh go on Chuck a bit of red into it.....

I like the misty effect you got here Paul.

I like the misty effect too Paul

A nice misty effect Paul.

An interesting effect Dixie, it has a 'faint memory' look, which I like. Excellent sketch for the time taken. I like Payne's grey.

Thank you all for you comments I appreciate them . I started of with the idea of using the grey only and a rough idea of what I would paint no plan of how it would look, once I had used up the paint job done. You are correct Robert in you critique and how to improve it , might have a go with it one day and definitely try out the red Sylvia brilliant idea.

Atmospheric, misty!

Romila thank you for your comment I appreciate it.

You’ve set a mood with this Paul, I like the effect and the odd placement of a few darker tones would set it off perfectly. Great for a 10 minute bash!

Fiona and Coral thank you for your kind comments, I might get around to developing it bit more Fiona .

Love the misty feeling Paul

Hang on Studio Wall

A23x36 cm watercolour landscape using only Payne’s Grey , completed in ten approx using a one inch flat and a rigger. Just wanted to see what I could do with the one colour in a short time restricting the brush size. Wet the paper applied a wash and built it up from there before it was fully dried.

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I have sketched most of my life on and off I became interested in watercolour following a spinal injury whilst in hospital but did not follow it up. My eldest daughter bought me a beautiful wooden box set of half pans about twenty five years ago I dabbled on and off until retirement twelve years…

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