True in heavy snow


Spell check error , Tree in heavy snow .

Yes it's lovely as it is Paul as it shows off the trees beautiful shape- look forward to seeing your developed version.

I know you are trying out this paper Paul, but won’t the surface repel the watercolour a bit and affect the washes?

Love the simple effectiveness of this Paul.

Thank you Sarah and Marjorie for your comments. I don’t know what effect it’s having as yet due to not completing the painting , it not paper it is actually linen canvas . So far the washes have leached a bit but I’m ok with that don’t think it will work for detailed paintings.

I do like your rather beautiful.

It’s effective Paul. I’ve used watercolour on canvas and it is quite challenging but can give some great results.

Thank you Michael, Sylvia and Spencer for your comments. It good to know that it’s got a chance of working Spencer , I’ve only used canvas textured paper or board but never canvas it will be a big learning curve.

Interesting use of watercolour on canvas. Did you use gesso first?

No I just went straight in and used the canvas as it shut it was already primed . I will put a photo on the thread in the forum of the front cover of the pad.

It's looking lovely.

Thanks Denise your comment is appreciated.

Beautifully understated Paul.

Thank you Fiona your comment is appreciated.

Really like the effect you have managed to produce with this Paul. Would like to see more of it in the future.

This does work very well as it is, it sounds like you may be taking it further. That will be interesting.

Thank you Chris and Lew , I have sketched out the same tree on another piece of canvas with the intention of developing it fully but keeping it the same style.

I have heard of people painting on canvas in watercolour, this seems to work ok.

Interesting to see how it develops!

It is lovely Paul but should you take it further .... hmmm?

Its always worth having a go at things to see if they work, i like the soft colours which convey winter and the texture of the canvas certainly adds to it. Looking forward to seeing more of it

Just a few simple strokes and you have got a winter scene. Very clever. Like it.

Stephen , David, Russell, Cheryl and Valerie many thanks for your comments. I’m not developing this one anymore Russell but have started another one of the same scene , it will be slightly different and I intend go develop it further , the process is on the forum.

It’s lovely, simple and effective

Romila your comment is appreciated.

Simple but so effective Paul.

Canvas will take watercolour - not a problem. One of the magazines long ago published an article on watercolours on canvas, from a painter's trip to the Taklamakan Desert. I absolutely do not think that Paul needed to take this piece any further: indeed, I'd have stopped before he even laid in some background: it works very well as it is, and is in my opinion one of the best things he's done.

Well thank you Robert for your comment it’s really appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour on canvas, this was a WIP and an experiment in trying out canvas from a pad fir watercolour. I have posted it and will do a complete painting, Robert , Sylvia and Andrew like it art is and suggested I leave it alone , as a mere mortal I dare not argue or disobey these lords of art.

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