Cow&Calf Ilkley.


Really like this Paul, the texture on the rocks are really good

The rocks are beautifully painted, I could imagine the size of the rocks.

Fab rocks Paul...baht at.

Love the way you have portrayed the lovely Yorkshire landscape, you have caught the real feeling of height with the rock foundations which in turn has created distance to the far hills, 👍🤗

Love this, the rocks look excellent and the colours are wonderful Paul.

An excellent painting, Paul - super rocks and interesting colours in the foreground.

Thank you all for your very kind comments. I am on a landscape painting trip at the moment, from the back bedroom where I paint. I think we have the most spectacular scenery in this country sadly not noticed by so many people. The name Michale comes fro the smaller rock having calved from the mother rock, as in what happens with icebergs .

Ann the foreground colours represent the dead bracken. Sylvia your correct I was without my hat whilst painting.

Anne the colours in the foreground are the dead bracken . Sylvia you are correct I didn’t have my hat on when painting it.

Sorry don’t know what happen but both versions ended up on the post??.

Excellent rocks Paul, have been there a couple of times.

I really like this Paul. Great work!

Majestic rocks Paul, interesting to read where the title comes from.

Tha yo for you kind comments Richard , Mark and Katy.

Sorry folks spell check failed , it posts before I had a chance to change.

Good rock formation nicely done Paul.

By gum, this is grand ....young fella me lad! Thank you for the explanation, can understand the naming of it now. Lovely work on the rocks and perfect colours for moorland vegetation.

Super rocks and use of watercolour Paul.

Thank you all so much. Carole thank you not a while since I looked at this thank you for your comment and prompt to answer.

Hang on Studio Wall

A4 watercolour of the cow and calf rocks Ilkley. Unfortunately you don’t get the scale from the paintings. A beautiful area of Yorkshire.

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