Low Tide


I like this very much Paul - reminds me of Wells-next-the-sea?

Paul you must keep them coming as you delight us all with your boat paintings!!

It's made a very good painting Paul.

Thank you for your kind comments I appreciate them all. Isn’t it strange that you can do something from imagination and it looks like a place you have never been too, I will have to look up Well Richard .

Wonderful Paul.

I really like this Paul .... Super.

A lovely scene Paul especially as it’s one you’ve imagined.

I like your imagination and am glad you posted it

I like this Paul and very good from imagination. Absolutely right to post.

Denise, John , Christine, Heather and Brian I really appreciate your comments .

Has a nice quality to it Paul. I often resort to doing fine lines with pen…whatever gets the result you want is my view.

I love these old boats and buildings Dixie, great character and history to them. Well painted.

Thank you Neil ,Andrew and Tessa for your kind comments I appreciate them .

This is great Paul. It really captures the age when these boats sailed up and down the Thames.

A charming painting, Paul - such lovely old boats!

Nicely painted Paul ☺️

Love all those buildings with such great perspective and those very interesting boats Paul.

Many thanks Spencer, Anne , Stephen and Carole I appreciate you taken the time to look and comment.

It's super Paul, so much interesting detail.

Thank you Ruth I appreciate your comment.

Any of artwork we shouldn't have been ashamed of (I think). I can see manu buildings aside, and I believe it must have had take its time to deal with Paul 😉👍

Thank you art I appreciate your kind comment.

This really is a lovely painting Paul, very well imagined

Lovely, Wells next to Sea with undertones of the old Ipswich waterfront!

Thank you Cheryl and Alison for your kind comments. I had not thought of Ipswich dock Alison but I don’t know why not as I spend several years living in the area probably some influence from memory.

I didn't see this at the time. Never apologize for using a pen for rigging and the like: there are basically two ways of doing it - a rigger brush, plenty of paint on it plus enough water to make it move for you, and, the biggest thing - speed. For which you need confidence, and a steady hand - with your problems, that's just asking too much. The other way is the way you've chosen - the extra control a pen can give you. You really aren't alone there - I've known professional artists who always used pens, and not infrequently rulers, because tremor can ruin your work. The only other thing I'd say is that unless you're really going for hyper-detail realism, you don't need to put in every piece of rigging - just the impression of it is enough, especially for those of us who don't know where it should all go anyway.

Thank you Robert for your comments , I tend to put in the minimum amount of rigging as it overloads the painting if it’s all there .

WellPainted Paul. Complicated buildings very well handled.

Thank you for your kind comment George.

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An imaginary scene painting in watercolour 23 x36 cm of Thames barges sat on the mud at low tide. This has taken quite a while and I have needed to resort to using a pen for the rigging, it was painted on small stages over a couple of weeks . I was unsure of posting it but was encouraged by a couple of friends to do so . In that silly see the mistakes but not the painting mood.

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