A berth for the night


A lovely calm feeling to this, Paul with the tranquil water and evening sky plus the graceful old barges - its a very nice painting and well done in the circumstances! So sorry you are still feeling poorly and hope you get well very soon!

Despite your Covid (hope you're feeling better) it's come out very well

Hope you feel better soon Paul. A lovely little watercolour.

Lovely reflection’s in this Paul, hope you feel better soon

Another of your really lovely boat paintings, Paul!!

Anne, Heather, Carole, Neil, and David thank you for your kind comments and well wishes. It’s one of those painting that your not sure about but it grows on you . Just had a hour in the park flying a kite with my granddaughters, worn out but feel much better.

Great scene Paul and especially as you’ve’ been unwell. I really like the combination of the pinks and greys. They work so well here. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Thank you Carole for you kind comment, I’m feeling much better typically I wait till it all over to catch it, I would not liked to have had it without the injection we have had it was bad enough having had them.

Hope you are feeling better Paul. No reason not to "post" this - another boat goodie, with reflections.

Love the soft colours, hope you feel better soon.

A lovely soft quality to this Paul, hope you feel better soon.

Thank you Richard, Valerie and Val fir you kind comments and wishes I think a good night’s sleep will do the job.

Bad luck to catch it but ,as you say, better now than previously! Glad you’re on the mend Paul. As Carole has said, the colours here are lovely and set a tranquil mood.

Thank Marjorie you comment is much appreciated.

I think you have done a very good painting Paul. Your paintings always tell a story. Get well soon.

Chris many thanks for taking the ti e to look and com it’s much appreciated. The upside of being unwell is you feel so much better after and a bit more grateful for being normally quite healthy.

Lovely painting Paul, wish I could imagine scenes like this,keep them coming and get well soon.

Great subject Paul, in your recognisable style and application. Oh no! Covid… I’ve avoided it so far, good luck!

Like the contrast in the colour of the sails to the somber grey of the buildings..

Hope you are feeling better Paul. This is a great painting reminiscent of better times. I really like it!

Lovely Paul. I think uts works well.Hope you feel better soon. Not nice. 😪

Hope you feel better soon, you have done a lovely job.

Chris, Alan, Sylvia , Spencer, Faye and Romila thank you all for you kind and appreciate comments. I thought I’d avoided it Alan, I forgot to take a mask out with me a two weeks ago and Sod’s law I got it . It does leave you feeling very tired and easily worn out keep safe everyone.

Oh no Paul! I hope very much that you make a speedy recovery, stay strong young man! A great watercolour considering that you must feel rotten at the moment x

Thanks Fiona , for the kind thought and the young man title . I’m feeling a lot better but get tired out really quick. Still I could have been worse , the real bad but was the very sore throat never had one as bad before.

A very good watercolour Dixie, especially considering the Covid! Get well soon pal.

You have done a really good job considering you are recovering from Covid. Lovely watercolour Paul.

Thank you a Tessa and Denise , I feel so much better today like everything else I just get on with things , best way really.

Good painting. I wish you well Paul.

Looks a lot like Bristol floating harbour with St Mary Redcliffe church in the background. Very nice.

Thank you Linda that really intriguing as it’s a made up scene , but like a lot of these things I’m sure it’s influenced and formed from memory of places you have seen in reality or photos etc.

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24x32 cm watercolour of a sailing barge heading into berth for the night. A imaginary scene , I have struggled to paint this week due to a bad dose of Covid, I think I have started a torn up three paintings . Pushed my self to do this , a lot more loose than I normally do but it was with the effort just to finish a painting. I not over pleased with it , but it not the best I have done .

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