Late night

Late night

Lovely work Diana. Effective it surely is. Great subject.

Really clever and unusual with great effect just using a limited palette.

Very effective painting, Diana, great contrast light-dark well rendered and interesting subject.

Love your simplistic approach and in the process achieving a great impact Diana!

So good Diana, a very interesting piece.

I like the restricted palette, Diana. Is it on half imperial? (You mention a move, have you finally decided to move to Cornwall?)

Powerful image.

Posted by T H on Sat 02 Sep 16:04:01

I can feel the night, great atmosphere.

Great size, great, powerful painting. Good luck with move.

Yes lovely sharp shadows Diana.

Thank you to you all for posting your kind comments. I have been wondering when the urge to paint would come back. After painting this one I went out into the garden in the sunshine and di a few sketches and paintings. Its full size Jenny and yes, I'm going to have a trial few months in Cornwall. I'm going for an interview about a years mentoring course at Newlyn Art School which will keep me occupied while I'm there Diana

You always come up with an intriguing painting to set us all. thinking out of our own boxes. you certainly find some unique paintings, beautifully painted as always. well done Diana.

Stunning work, Diana. Great composition, atmosphere and light.

Thank you Russell, Tao and Seok . Your thoughts are always well received.

Clever and effective. nice one Diana

Yes, very effective.

I would have been drawn to this striking image also Diana, superbly painted.

Thanks for taking time to leave your comments Peter, Alan and Sandra. Much appreciated

What fantastic drama you've created Diana

I do love your work Diana, it's so original. Your use of a limited palette by no means limits the impact of your subject. FAB!

Thank you Lynn ,Juris and Fiona. Its so motivating reading your comments

Very striking, Diana. I haven't painted for weeks and weeks and dread to think how to get back to it!!

Hello Jennifer and thanks. Best not to worry as Im sure something will just trigger it off again.

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Full imperial Saunders Waterford medium weight rough. Reference image from Unsplash. I haven't put brush to paper for over a week which is most unusual. My head is all over the place with my imminent move I found this drawn out and decided to give it a rough and ready approach , completing it in less than two hours. I used large mop brushes and Payne grey, indigo and alizarin crimson. There is a tiny patch of lemon too. It's quick and simple but quite effective.

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