Strong roast


Good one Diana, really like the colours you've used and how you've used them for the background

Usual high standard Diana. Terrific.

Love your work on the metal Diana, hope your foot has recovered!

I love the colours Diana

Like it a lot Diana, particularly those touches of blue. How do you like oils compared to watercolour?

Brilliant as usual Diana. Really caught the glass and stainless steel.

Thank you Heather. I was relatively confident initially but lost the plot a bit later. I want to run before I can walk ! Thank you Jim. It’s certainly a messy medium. Well it is when I use it. The initial keeping clean has gone by the wayside! Thank you Frank. Those stripes were the easy bit. My foot is less swollen thanks. I felt guilty that the bee died. Thank you Anjana. They feature in so many of my paintings. Thank you Marjorie. I like knife work but need to learn how to paint wet colours together. Definitely messier! Thank you Audrey. Like watercolour, it’s easy to overpaint and end up with a muddy mess.

Don’t like strong coffee Diana but I do like this very much!

This has such a strong presence Diana. I can almost smell the coffee. Love those siennas/oranges. Hope your no longer in pain with your foot.

I think your experiment is going in the right direction Diana, you are already making quality marks and displaying great contrast and tone in your oil painting.

Lovely light, the usual feature of your paintings.

You are skillful also in oils, Diana.

How’s your foot Diana? You could be right about the No one would think that you had only recently taken up oils, it’s confidently painted and a super result....despite the sting!

A simple subject but a striking painting.

Just love how you do shine. Your a master at it .

Morning Tessa. Thank you for your interest. I’m not keen on really strong coffee either. Thank you Margaret. I was happy with the top half. Thank you Carole. I didn’t fiddle with the top bit but the bottom was t too good. Spent last night watching videos on painting wet in wet. Thank you Barry. Need to learn to walk before I start galloping! Thank you Linda. It’s interesting to see an image I would paint in watercolour and plan a completely different approach. Very kind Cesare Thank you. This remains to be seen 😳 Thank you Fiona. My foot is ok but I felt so sad for the beautiful bee writhing about afterwards. I had to read up on the reason they die. It’s grim! Thank you Chrissie. I am trying some ‘easy’ subjects first. I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you Jennifer. I have to admit that it was easier in oils and putting in the highlights at any time or even onto darks is a luxury!

This is awesome Diana love the solidity of the metal and the light through the glass. I first saw it on my phone without my specs and I thought who’s painted R2D2?

Super work, Diana. The bold brush work and strategically placed highlights really brings the piece to life.

Very attractive painting. Keep going with the experiments

Thats great to read Justin . Thanks a lot . R2D2? I can see the resemblance !

Thanks for your interest Seok. Im sure that watercolour will be calling me back soon but its a nice change Thank you William. I'll keep experimenting.

I don't think it's overworked at all - you may think so because watercolour is your usual medium, and overworking those is usually fatal: but I think with oil and acrylic, no, you don't want to overwork them, but you do want to finish them - I see too many oil paintings that are abandoned far too quickly because people have got a bit obsessive about 'fiddling'. There are some lovely colours in this, it's well-drawn, and it's made me thirsty for coffee (though as it's now 7.15pm, I would be awake all night if I had any before tomorrow).

Thank you Thalia. I’m realising how clean watercolour is!! Thank you for your interesting feedback Robert. I appreciate you taking an interest

Lovely work Diana

Thank you Liam. This was beginners luck!

I love your work Diana, always vibrant and full of energy!

Thank you Rachel. That’s a great compliment

Fab, Diana. One of my faves of yours.

Thank you a Shirley. What a great compliment.

Very nice work

Thank you Tony. I was very surprised that it looked like the actual subject.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 20 x 16 ‘’. Continuing my experiment with oils. I was doing ok but retuned you’re it and overworked. I quite like the top third though. I was painting away yesterday in bare feet when a huge bee stung me on my foot I think it was revenge for having a nest fumigated recently!!

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