Diana, this is gorgeous, a beautifully expressive portrait!

What an absolute character Diana. Wonderfull.

Diana, superb! Crisp and clear where it matters.

Excellent Diana, such beautiful expressive eyes and lovely expression.

Adorable! A beautiful portrait, Diana.

Beautiful portrait, and her hair is fabulous Diana

This is so alive and believable. Brilliant.

I rather wish you lived next door could give me lessons. lol

Thank you Jenny. I’m quite pleased with this one. Thank you Jim. Yes, she does a lot of laughing. Thank you again Marjorie and Val. I still haven’t the confidence to get the shadows dark enough but there’s improvement. Thank you at garnet and Russell. The hair was difficult! Thank you Fred , that’s a lovely compliment

Oh thank you Louise. I’d love to live next door to you too. I could learn from you as well

Incredible Diana. Love the toothless grin and thos gorgeous eyes.

What a lovely little face, and so beautifully and sensitively painted Diana, and the hair- wow!

Arrrr Diana, Winnie is adorable, lovely expression, and I like the hair .

Wonderful portrait Diana

Morning Carole. Thank you for taking time to leave your comment. Thank you Gudrun. That’s such a compliment. Thank you Tessa , Lesley and Paul. It’s prutty difficult to paint fine pale hair on s nearly white background. I didn’t want to continue the darker area all round her head.

Winnie is a complete winner..delightful.

This is superb - very well done!

Almost missed this wonderful portrait, Diana, no subject escape your skill.

it`s all brilliant, but those eyes. wow.

Lovely work, Diana, so cute.

Great work as usual Diana. I'm lucky enough to have seen the original which is even better than the photo as you would expect. I live round the corner from Diana as well as going to the same art group, lucky me.

I love Winnie's cheeky expression. I think the eyes wouldn't have been as much of a focus if the shadows were darker. They really pop out at you. Gorgeous picture Diana.

Good morning Sylvia, Carole,Heather and Cesare. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments. I enjoy reading every one.

Thank you Peter. She does have enormous and very appealing eyes. Hello Maureen and thank you. Thank you John. It’s frustrating that the iphone camera picks up the darks in the tooth of the paper making it look grubby. Good morning Janice and thank you. You may well be right about the eyes.

This is beyond cute! What a great fun-loving looking kid.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford. My youngest grandchild Winnie. I have tried to go darker in the shadows area but daren’t go any deeper. I think Ill have a very rough version to try depth of colour in future

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