Abandoned steel

Abandoned steel

Fantastic, Diana, an amazing watercolour.

This is so skilfully done and such an unusual subject Diana.

That's so clever Diane, a brilliant painting, 😀

I knew straight away it was yours, Diana. Great subject skilfully painted.

Superbly drafted but sensitively and subtly painted. How big is this Diana and did you use preliminary drawing ? What pigments have you used?

Amazing painting Diana, such skilful work.

Clever interesting painting superbly portrayed as ever, Diana. So intricate in the multiplcity of angles. Love it!

Once again you have surpassed yourself with such a unusual subject and wonderfully painted brilliantly done Diana

All those lovely neutrals, worked with so cleverly, wonderful again Diana.

Thank you Willie. I would prefer it to be a bit looser but happy with the colours Hello Carole and thank you ..it’s defi not one for the living room wall😁 Thank you Linda. All credit to the photographer again. Hello Jennifer and thank you. I really appreciate your kind comments. Thank you. Seared. It certainly has my signature colours. I do love them! Hello Phillip and thank you. It’s valuable to read thoughts from another Watercolour artist . It’s half imperial size on rough,heavy weight Saunders Waterford. I used mostly W&N artist and D.S. Colours as I like their burnt sienna. Greys are mostlyFrench ultramarine and Burnt umber. I did draw this out before painting though the beauty of watercolour is that you can paint over pencil yet still see the drawing. Thank you Margaret. I have to force myself to have breaks quite often as the more I look at a piece, the more inadequate it looks😁 Thank you again Thalia. I have to give credit to Ian for the wonderful image Hello Tao and thank you. I do strive to try new ideas and improve techniques. I watched a film last night with an artist using completely different techniques which is fascinating Thank you very much Tony. I’m glad you like it. Not sure this is one for the wall😁

Hello Marjorie and thank you. I was delighted to be able to paint this beautiful image and 3njoyed 3very brush stroke.

Oh Wow.....Every little detail....Stunning......

Wow Diana you certainly have an eye for what makes an interesting painting, and this is beautifully done. I like those little touches of brown and pink.

Amazing Diana. Beautifully painted.

Incredible painting Diana

Even before I saw your name I knew this would be yours Diana......so unique.

Great work magnificently painted

Hello Peter and thanks. I hadn’t intended this to be so realistic but it certainly turned out that way. Thank you Tessa. I agree with you that the warm touches add interest. Thank you Margaret and Russell . Your feedback is very valuable and much appreciated Hello Fiona and thank you. I do seem to have developed a favourite palette and I think I choose many of my subjects with the colours in mind. I actually feel most excited at the start of a painting with this palette. Thank you David. I’m not too sure who would want that on their wall😁

Amazing control of the brush and fantastic colour mix, another brilliant painting thank you.

A very accomplished work Diana, super.

Brilliant Diana, really well executed.

Thanks John. It ended up a bit too realistic but I’m happy with the colours. Thank you Frank. I really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you Dawn. Your comment is very motivating Thank you Carole. I was in the hairdressers today and realised that it might be a place for the painting. That or a hospital 😄

This is super Diana, instantly recognisable as yours with those lovely muted colours and unusual subject matter. (Even though it's very realistically done, the distinctive way you fade the subject out at the edges of your paintings gives a lovely painterly feel.)

Who'd have thought scissors would make such an interesting and wonderful painting. You can turn your hand to anything Diana :)

Hello Jenny. Lovely to hear from you and thank you. I’m really pleased that you mentioned the effort to avoid total realism. Thank you Val. I think landscapes might be my weakness! My tutor regularly has us painting boats which are really difficult too.

What a great subject ! Beautifully depicted.

Thank you Avril. I loved this one from the start

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http://www.ims-photography.co.uk/ A skilled artist and photographer friend Ian M Spooner took a series of amazing photos of an old scissor factory. He kindly gave me permission to use an image. Watercolour on rough paper. Ian’s work can be seen here on Painters Online.

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