Quick exercise

Quick exercise

Lovely work Dianna and great loose style painting. Nice going.

As always Diana, it is just brilliant! The quickness of your brushstrokes always seem to create or suggest an element or aspect and in this case a dynamic movement of the branches of the tree.

Lovely watercolour with limited palette, Diana. I thought it was you the teacher.

A lovely painting Diana, a smashing style

I like it Diana I think you should follow this up it looks like you have a real talent for this loose watercolour style

Lovely energetic style, agree with Dennis that this style suits you.

I agree with the other comments, Diana. This really is a super watercolour. I like the subject, the colour palette and the spontaneous style.

Lovely limited palette painting.

This is certainly different from any of your work that I have seen. but it does seem that you have achieved what you set out to do, with great relish well done Diana

Love the painterly way you have done this Diana and the contrasts are beautiful.

Interesting suggestions of colour Diana, and well balanced.

A simple subject that you've captured in a lively painting.

Thank you Carole. David is a great teacher and a joy to watch his demonstrations Thank you John. I’m a bit insecure with landscapes but really enjoyed this one. Next week it’s buildings.... even more insecure! Thank you April. It is simple and the class thought the reference rather uninspiring but we were wrong.

Thank you Jim. It’s challenging to have a time limit but great for observational skills Nandhini, thank you for your interesting comment. It’s so motivating to read what it is that captures people’s interest. Cesare , thank you. I are in awe of my teachers talent. David, thank you . I’m enjoying painting in this free, loose style but now question my own style. I can’t see why we need to adhere to one really. Hello Dennis. I enjoy any painting but feel more expressive painting in a looser style rather than doing a copying exercise..if you see what I mean Thanks Sandra. There is also the advantage that it doesn’t take days to complete! Mia, thank you. We only have just over an hour to get the main shapes and tones done so it’s really helping with observational skills. Thank you Brian , I liked the colours and mixed a green and brown that I haven’t used before so need to remember what they were! Thank you Maureen. Being brave enough to put down the washes and leave well alone needs a lot of practice and Im working on mixing stronger colour Tao, thank you again. My teachers work is the opposite of my older style ,in that it just comes to life and has an amazing depth of colour when viewed from a distance. Mine looked better close up but lose their impact further away.

What a talented lady you are Diana....beautiful watercolour!

Lovely, fresh work Diana, well done.

Thank you Sylvia, you are very generous Stephen, your feedback is really valued. Thank you

Once in a while you see a painting and think “wish I had done this”. This is one of them, it’s just fabulous Diana.

Really good Diana. Keep it going.

Very immediate...Love it!

Wow its fantastic Diana, I just love it.

Super watercolour Diana. Good colour and use of the medium.

Really lovely painting Diana.

Look good on my kitchen wall

Wish I could just drop in and join you Diana. Keep both styles going, this one maybe to relax with. I like the sharper marks amongst the looseness.

That's super Diana, lovely and loose!

Fiona , that is such a compliment. Thank you for making me very pleased. Thank you George. I do like this style and it doesn't take days to complete.

Thank you Ruth. I think that often produces the freshest work Linda ... thank you for your welcome feedback Thank you Louise, I love watercolour when it's allowed a bit of freedom to do what it does best. Thank you Margaret. I'm really amazed at the response to this one. It's interesting to see what others like Peter..... Thanks. I might actually get a frame for this one Hello Marjorie and yes, it would be good to have your company. I agree , there needs a bit of sharpness here and there for balance Thank you for leaving your welcome feedback Sarah Satu... thank you I really enjoy the freedom of loose painting while retaining control

I love the classic palette you have used in this one Diana. A beautiful painting. xx

Thank you Jennifer The class teacher is very traditional in his palette but by Jove, he makes them work

Brilliant Diana just outstanding

Thanks Dennis.

Your works really stand out on here. A skilled painter with vision.

Posted by T H on Sat 28 Oct 13:43:53

Thank you Gudrun. I'm leaning towards a free style to illustrate atmosphere Thank you Timothy. I really value your feedback. So motivating

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1/4 imperial Bockingford 200lb rough I attend a weekly watercolour class run by the watercolour artist David Thomas. We don't have long to put together a portrait or landscape/ other subject so have to work loosely to create impact without too much detail. I felt I'd achieved the desired outcome yesterday, which, for me, takes some doing!!

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