Playing with knives!


Well I didn’t recognise it as yours Diana, really excellent oil painting, in particular the sandy beach areas!

Fabulous Diana more please.

Really good - as Alan says, different from you and I didn't recognise it as a 'Diana' either.

I also like this Diana, great contrasts.

You found it exciting to do Diana, I find it exciting to look at! Absolutely love it!

Love the swirly pattern of the beach disappearing into the distance and the general harmony of cliffs, sea and sky Diana. Hope you’re enjoying oils Diana. I much prefer them to watercolours

Playing with knives? Dangerous stuff Diana. This could be a scene near me....lovely gloopy shapes on the sand.

Thank you Alan I value your opinion as a hardened oil painter! I was going to return to a few bits tomorrow but will see how I feel in the morning. I’m really enjoying myself though. Thank you Elaine. I’m raring to keep experimenting. Thanks Heather There are so many styles, techniques, mediums to explore!! Thank you Tessa and Linda. I’m on a roll now 😂 Thank you John . A change of medium is rather motivating. Thanks again Fiona. I feel as if I’m hogging the gallery lately. I seem to complete these oils much faster than s a lot of the watercolours. Thank you Carole. Yes, I’m enjoying them a lot more than I expected. Much as I love blending watercolour, this blending is equally rewarding. Thank you Marjorie. My son in law juggles knives on a unicycle !

Really like the movement.

Thank you Stephen. It feels strange to paint on wobbling , scratchy canvas. I prefer the canvas boards

This is superb Diana- I love your work

Thank you Rachel. I was told that it was a bit unprofessional to dart around producing different styles in various mediums but life’s too short !!

Superb use of the knife. The textures and the composition are so well done.

Who says it's unprofessional to produce art?? No hope for me then! I recognised the shape of the landscape. Fabulous light.

It’s a very strong painting full of movement and vigour.

Oh fantastic Diana, a real stunner, love the marks on the beach leading to the sea. I love it.

Thank you very much Russell. I’m finding that some subjects really lend themselves to oils. Thank you Seok. When entering some major competitions, I was told that it’s more professional to have continuity of subject and style!! No chance! Thank you Gudrun. That landscape is the only sea scene I’ve painted so far. My husband has thousands of photos and I’ve sat and sketched it many times. Thank you Chrissie. Maybe it was the speed it was painted gives a feeling of movement. I loved the big sweeping brushstrokes of the foreground. Thank you Carole. It looks surprisingly beach like from about 10 feet 😂

Hang on Studio Wall

I don’t know what’s got into my head at the moment as this is so far removed from my usual stuff. New and exciting medium. Oil on canvas board

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