Wedding dress glow

Wedding dress glow

Beautiful, Diana, lovely sense of light filtering though it - and another unusual subject, delicately done.

Wow this is stunning Diana!

You break the bounds of conventional subjects Diana, and you perfect them beautifully. I like this, a lot! It's unusual and striking with the limited palette.

Very well observed and beautifully painted, brilliant.

You,ve done it again Diana...superb!

Lovely Scene and an unusual subject that works very well indeed . Nice painting Diana

Love it Diana. always something different from you and always brilliantly painted well done

Another amazing painting, Diana, wonderful subject masterly painted. It is a great pleasure to see your paintings.

Diana, this is stunning!

Gorgeous Diana, this hit me as one of yours straight away! The light into dark transition of dresses is fabulous.

Hope this is entered into a competition somewhere?

Thank you Jenny , sometimes I see an image that I know will make a beautiful painting if I can pull it off. The composition and lighting needed little change. Thank you Margaret , Credit to the photographer here too. Thank you Neelam . I loved the photograph. Thanks Fiona. One of my weakest areas is colour mixing so was trying anything without any thought of colour theory. Thank you Fred , the photographer handed me this one on a plate. Thanks Sylvia. There is something very special about choosing a wedding dress Dennis, thanks for your kind words. The light drew me to this one. Tao, I appreciate you commenting twice! I have really enjoyed painting this. I have decided that when a painting becomes a. Struggle which I'm not enjoying, it's time to start one that excites me. Thank you Cesare , it's lovely to read such a motivational comment. Much appreciated Thanks Jennifer. Much credit to the photographer here too.

Thank you Maureen and Carole. I'm not sure about the far left as it's a bit cropped here but yes, I may use this as a competition entry. Thank you.

Not quite my thing Diana, but well worth the top gallery.

You have such a talent Diana, not only your technical ability but the way you 'see' a painting, brilliant!

Fabulous watercolour and I love the subject.

Posted on Fri 07 Jul 12:24:09

Absolutely stunning, Diana. The sun-drenched atmosphere is superbly portrayed.

This is so clever. It is often difficult to choose a subject to paint and this is an excellent choice.

An unusual subject beautifully done as always.

They have said it all, another great piece of art.

Great work Diana.

This is fabulous, I love the way it goes from light to dark and the dresses look like silk.

this is beautiful and a pretty difficult subject - I love the light in this Diana

Thank you Dennis. I love hearing from you. Alan , that made me laugh. I know what you meant though and I appreciate it. Thank you Russell. I tried a seascape yesterday....0h dear. Thank you Ibolya. I really love to hear what you think. Thank you Seok. I think a lot of credit should go to the photographer. It's a beautiful image

Thank you Gudrun. I'm sure I saw one of yours on Facebook. I must check ax Ilove your work. Thank you Cecilia. I just saw this image and knew. I prefer to use my own photos but when There is one like this! Thank you Val. I think the subject is quite emotive as well as the light. Thanks John. I hear that you have lots more painting time now!!

Thank you Linda and Janet. I think it's part luck that they look like silk! Thank you Annabel. I loved the light and couldn't wait to start painting

Gorgeous in every way, Diana.

So good!

Posted by T H on Sun 09 Jul 20:04:16

Thank you Shirley and Timothy. I have to give credit to the photographer of this beautiful image

Thank you beatrice. Occasionally, you know from the beginning when s painting is going to work.

This is so amazing! Love the light and the few colours!

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