City of London skyline from Alexandra Palace

City of London skyline from Alexandra Palace

Beautiful plein air work Caroline

Great piece of plein air painting Caroline. I'm still to find my thermals so haven't started winter outdoors yet!

Lovely work Caroline avoid honest piece of work

That's all fine as it is Caroline, you have captured an interesting scene and have achieved good aerial perspective. I try and work en plein air whenever I can but on a larger scale than this, keep it going.

You have packed a lot into this small work, Caroline. As Alan has said, the aerial perspective works very well here, must try a similar view looking across from where I live to the skyscrapers in Manchester!

Thank you Dennis, Peter, Dennis, Alan and Stephen, much appreciated. I like to paint on a bigger board generally, Alan, but I find even with bigger brushes they take longer, and I just get too cold.

Lovely work Caroline. It's done. Catches the cold atmosphere!

The recession through the trees to the buildings is just fine, a lovely composition.

Hang on Studio Wall

Plein air, oil on canvas board 5" X 7" . I ran out of time and feeling in my fingers and toes but I've left this without any further work on it, to try to get used to working quicker.

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I came to art late in life after the proverbial ‘wake-up call' of serious illness. Starting with an evening class in drawing, I’ve carried on learning from DVD’s, books and weekend courses. I attend a weekly Life Drawing class, a brilliant foundation for just about everything. Plein air oil…

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