Argentinian Tango

Argentinian Tango

Nicely portrayed Carole. La Cumparsita plays..(-:

Wish I could do that! Nice one Carole.

Oh to tango like that. Very stylish.

Looks hot to me Carole! It makes a statement as does the’s all language.

It's an excellent colour combination Carole, super work from you again.

Many thanks for your positive comments, Jim,Tessa, Stephen, Fiona and Alan. They are very valued and appreciated. The La Cumparsita is very sad Jim but hauntingly beautiful.

The colours suit the painting Carole, the tango is a hot sultry dance and you've portrayed it very well.

I agree, Stephen...if I tried I'd fall flat, both with the dance and the painting> Brilliant Carole!

Thank you so much Thalia and Val. Wasn’t sure about the colours.

Fantastic I love it Carole

Brilliant, Carole. How can I have missed this fantastic work! I really love this!!!!

Many details and lines that catch the eye and create a very special mood. Looks like it was really loved by the artist when it was painted.

Posted by Leo Ge on Thu 23 Jul 21:26:14
Hang on Studio Wall

16” x 22” Oil paints, painted on canvas oil paper. I have previously painted this in watercolour but thought that painting it in oils would breathe more life and vitality into the scene. Not sure if my palette has ended up being a bit garish but I do love a splash of red here and there. Apologies if the brashness offends.

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