Dunstanburgh Castle Northumberland

Dunstanburgh Castle  Northumberland

Stunning use of colour

Full justice in my opinion...albeit I don't know the scene. Love those complementary colours, Carole, and the immense sense of presence you've created.

Love it there and you have done a grand job, Carole.

I think it works very well, Carole. The reflecting colours are delightful and it looks nicely balanced. The sun reflections, in particular, are great! I know what you mean by "doing it justice" and I sometimes think it's down to the difficulty of truly capturing that elusive beautiful sunset. I know I struggle like mad with all those reds and oranges/yellows. This definitely catches the eye and is much better than you're probably giving it credit for. I know this castle btw. Lovely! Bri

Lovely colours.

Posted by Emma P on Sun 07 Apr 18:16:56

Like the contrasting colours - lovely painting, Carole

Thank you so much Heather, Thalia,, Dawn, Bri, Emma and Maureen. It’s so nice to have your comments as self doubt often creeps in and shatters confidence. Yes Brian you’re spot on. It’s really difficult not be too brash with sunrises/sunsets.

This caught my eye immediately Carole. Full of warmth and sparkle.

I think you have certainly done it justice Carole. This is a stunning piece of work and caught my eye immediately.

Hang on Studio Wall

30” x 32” Acrylics on canvas. One of my favourite places in Northumberland but can never do the view justice. It is a view that is so fickle and difficult to do justice to but one can but try.

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