Eton Mess, Brexit Mess & Covid Mess


Are you trying to scare us to death, Carole? seriously, great lampoon of the no.10 buffoon! Keep it up! peace and much love, God bless, Andy xx

So right. How have we got here? Excellent likeness by the way!

Trump and our own version, plus covid, I keep thinking it's all a bad dream and we'll wake up soon. You've got him well, Carole...instantly recognisable (unfortunately).

I love that ...Eton Mess ! You’ve made him look rather angelic and a great likeness

“Another fine mess you’ve got us into” let’s hope there’s no more. Great painting Carole very recognisable as the man himself.

Good morning my fine artists and thank you for your wonderful, ongoing support. Andrew : It is a bit scary but with change and disaster something positive always emerges. Diane: glad you agree. Didn’t want upset anyone politically but it is worrying to have such fickle leadership. Stephen & Lewis: I worry for our future generation and hope their lives won’t be compromised by all this tragedy. Diane: I’m not very good at doing caricatures. Originally it was going to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing with devil connotations but I lack the imagination and skill of Lewis cooper. Christine: love that Laurel & Hardy quote. It suits Bojo very well.

Can't comment on the politics but this is a great portrait!

Great work Carole, superb likeness

Great likeness and as said Hear ! Hear !

Excellent Carole and as Diana said, rather angelic! The truth is rather different.......

Great portrait he looks very young here Carole.

It's missing a big red nose

Agree with all other comments Carole, great likeness there. The title made me smile.

Fantastic.Love a political message and brave enough to state it in a great way. It's a positive message and hope your surgery goes well - whenever it is. Painting is good healing process.

Great "mess"..age!

Many thanks to Heather, Russell, Richard, Michael, Gillian, Trevor, Val-Irene, and Regioh for your lovely words and good wishes. Your right Trevor but I’m not very good at painting caricatures. Very clever Regioh.

Well done Carole, I agree with all those comments, Eaton mess 'oh ya"

Great Carole - the country was conned by this privileged con man - love the painting!!

Good portrait but I disagree with the verdict on him. I wont comment further. I'll just say it's very easy to place blame on someone from the comfort of your collective studios.

This is a chance for artists to display their work. I grow tired of political statements in colour.

Ha ha like that. Great likeness Carole.

Soo good Carole true apt politics is and always has been a farce beautiful painting and skills you should be prime minister 😎

What a great title, Carole! Agree whole-heartedly. I think you've covered everything and a great painting into the bargain!

Hang on Studio Wall

12” x 14”” Soft pastels and pastel pencils. Have had my surgery postponed for another two weeks, so just having a bit of fun and practising while I can. Ref photo from the internet but cannibalised to suit the message.

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