Californian Poppies


This jumped out at me as yours, Carole, with those beautiful colours. I can feel the warmth of a sunny day with the light streaming through the window. Beautiful!

Lovely portrayal of light in your vibrantly bright painting, Carole; peace & love; God bless, Andy xx

The light is lovely Carole and very well painted (do we say painted for pastel?) , a very striking piece.

I like this because of the individual style

Just been looking at it again. It really is a beauty. What a vibrant painting and oozes positivity.

Such a colourful joyful painting. What stunning colours.

Stunning Carole. Love the orange.

Carole this is wonderful. The light, the use of pastels. Everything.

Thank you so much for taking your time to look and comment Katy, Andrew, Tessa, Michael, Christine, Susan and Val-Irene. Always lovely to hear from you all with such ongoing support and encouragement. Have enjoyed seeing your lovely work recently.

This is a beautiful painting Carole

You're welcome my friend. This is the best picture I've seen in awhile.

Instantly 'yours', Carole! Absolutely stunningly good. Love this

Good one Carole

You are a very talented colourist Carole. Once again, stunning.

What a wonderful array of warmth. The richness of the colours and beautiful light gives this so much strength

Love the brightness of Californian poppies and you have captured them beautifully Carole.

What a very pleasant surprise to have all of your very kind words Russell, Michael, Thalia, Heather, Jacqueline, Diana and Linda. Much happiness to you all🌞🌞

Love the light flooding in and the wonderful bold colours of the poppies and vase, Carole

Wonderful harmonies throughout Carole and the light you have captured makes the whole painting sing.

Many thanks Maureen and Fiona for your continued support.

A stunning, dramatic piece with lovely use of positive and negative shapes. Love the palette and the light too.

Very beautiful painting, touches feelings, great reflections, colours and shades!

Posted by Leo Ge on Sat 25 Jul 16:10:11

Beautiful Carole - this painting glows!!

Great lighting and dramatic tones and depth and the flowers are so well placed in your composition and everything is sooo unifyingly present on your canvas... well done Carole

Very vibrant colours. It makes your painting quite striking Carole

Beautiful pastel work Carole. I just cannot seem to manage that medium. You use it beautifully in this painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

14” x16” soft pastels and pastel pencils on Clairfontaine pastel paper. Couldn’t resist painting this vase of flowers on my dining table with the light flooding through the window.

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