My Sister in Oil pastels


What a lovely bright portrait you have painted of your sister Carole.

Lovely portrait of you sister; as always, really bright, but unusually minimalist; lovely! much love and God bless,

Lovely portrait of your sister; as always, really bright, but unusually minimalist; lovely! much love and God bless 😃❤️🙏xx

Lovely. Love the way you have done your sisters hair and the shading of the fresh very clever

Beautiful Carole -

Lovely portrait,the flesh has a lovely soft texture.and the minimal palette works very well.

Beautiful artwork Carole.

I knew this was yours straight away because it reminded me of the self portrait you posted a while back! It's a lovely portrait Carole.

Thank you so much you lovely artists for commenting so positively on my work. I’m finding oil pastels quiet a challenge and depending on the support, their usage is unpredictable. The main reason I’m trying to persevere with them is because much as I adore using soft pastels they create dust and I suffer with a bad chest. Hope I crack it. Best wishes to Denise, Andrew, Faye, Rachel, Harman, Anne and Sarah for your kind words.🌞🌞🌞

I agree with Sarah, you can see instantly the resemblance between your sisters portrait and the self portrait you did a while ago. What clever use of the paper colour. I also love the way you have used the grain of the paper to create the knit in the jumper.

Such a lovely portrait Caroet! You have beautifully mastered the oil pastels… a lot to look at all the great details!!!

Apologies Carole! It was autocorrect on your name! Sorry!!

A truly lovely portrait!!

Super, and such a difficult angle to get right, and you have it spot on! Love our choice of paper for your minimalist style in this.

Excellent work Carole, such a great pose!

Very effective use of colour and pose. Really stands out Carole.

Lovely use of white and the skin tones are fabulous

It's a really beautiful portrait, Carole -you have certainly "cracked it" with the oil pastels!

Beautiful skin tones, beautiful portrait Carole.

You can see the family resemblance Carole. I like the pose and delicate use of pastel which is very flattering.

Very many thanks to Collette, Manoj, David, Thalia, Alan, Christine, Heather, Anne, Carole and Fiona for your encouraging comments. Have a lovely time painting all of you. I’m off to Spain first thing in the morning so will not have much time to visit the site for a few days. Keep safe and we’ll everyone.😜😜😜😎😎😎

Have a wonderful holiday Carole x

Good use of that paper Carole for the skin tones and a great viewpoint.

Many thanks Carole and Marjorie. I was surprised the paper stood up to the sturdiness of oil pastels Marjorie.

Lovely portrait - skins tones are excellent and good shading in clothing to denote texture

Not an easy pose but you've mastered it easily. Great portrait Carole.

Beautifully done Carole.

Gorgeous portrait

Beautiful use of oil pastels Carole, and a wonderful portrait.

So sensitively painted Carole Sorry I haven’t commented for a long time but I have not logged on to Painters Online for ages. Now back in Cyprus after a difficult period in the U.K.

Love the way the paper shows through really delicate

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted this on Ingres pastel paper 150 gms with oil pastels and the help of a few prisma couloured pencils for fine detail. The paper reacted well and it was exciting to experiment. 12 “x 16”.

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