Guardians of Castlerigg

Guardians of Castlerigg

Now this is really atmospheric Bri, it's wonderful. I hope your sister is pleased with this version😀!!!

One to make you look over your shoulder Brian. Very atmospheric. Nice work.

Marvelous! Spooky too...maybe something wicked comes this way.

Thank you very much indeed, Margaret, Jim and Lewis, for the more than encouraging comments. Much appreciated. Well, she's got two to choose from, Margaret, so hopefully one of them will do the trick. If not, I'm moving on. LOL It IS a bit spooky, gents, and what with the equinox and everything. I left a gap to the right and I'm itching to place a figure in there. Still thinking about it, though. A druid would be twee but a man and his dog might set up a paradox, of sorts. Best all Bri

I loved your previous version but this is spectacularly beautiful. Love the subtlety of the moonlight and the way you have painted the clouds. Fantastic.Brian.

Ha ha, have you been watching " Outlander " Brian, they look positively spooky, I love the way you have captured the moonlight, lovely work.

Thank you very much, Carole and Linda, for the super comments. Much appreciated, as always. You're too kind, Carole. I've made another adjustment to the first version, in WIP, after I'd painted this one. I basically just toned the colours down a bit and added to the shadows, highlights and clouds. I'll repost in the gallery once I'm sure it's finished. I really do appreciate the supportive comments. I haven't seen Outlander, Linda, but after looking at some the stills I reckon it's right up my street. delighted the moonlight's working. Best to both Bri

really like this, a very enchanting palette

Thank you very much, Ellisa, for the "enchanting". Much appreciated. Delighted you liked this effort. Bri

It works for me Brian, great work!

That’s it Brian, as they say, you’ve nailed it! Could be another time and dimension, makes you shiver....the possibilities. Definitely an Outlander moment.

Thank you very much, Russell and Fiona, for the great comments. Always appreciated. I'll have to have a look at Outlander, Fiona, because it has the fantasy tag that often draws me into a tale. I'm delighted the atmosphere had that effect. *smile* Best to both Bri

I like this the best, it pulls you in, there's a definite presence/atmosphere there Brian.

Very beautiful Brian, has a great magical atmosphere.

Quite magnificent Brian, wonderful atmosphere and a really stunning piece.

What a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning. Thank you very much indeed, Marjorie, Carole and Alan, for the generous and supportive comments. Much appreciated. I've just finished revising the first painting, Marjorie (not posted yet), based on the mood of this one, so thanks for the thumbs up on the atmosphere. Funny how things progress. I'm genuinely tickled pink to read that the atmosphere is "magical", Carole. I'm quite bowled over, Alan. Your comments in WIP have helped me with both paintings, so a big thanks for that. Isn't it great to see where a painting will take you. Keeps happening. *smile* Best to all Bri

Not sure which version I prefer Brian. As you say this one is more spooky than spiritual but both equally as good.

Thank you very much, Val, for the kind and thoughtful comments. Much appreciated. I've revised the first one and it seems to be moving closer and closer to this version. Ha ! I'll post it when I'm done; whenever that will be. *smile* Bri

I can see why - I could stare at this scene for hours. Lovely work Brian!

Thank you very much for the great comments, Guy. Much appreciated response to this painting. Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. Another version of Castlerigg Stone Circle, (the one I said I wouldn't do), with less colour saturation. I'm hoping the toned down values add to the atmosphere and time. I must drag myself away from these stones because they're beginning to beguile me. lol

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