Aiming for Target Rock

Aiming for Target Rock

So this is what you've been working on....beautiful. Colours absolutely right, looks like a lovely peaceful day. I like the light just touching the top of the large rock, the intensity of the light where that rock is silhouetted. Very sensitive pastel Brian. I'm off to Patchings tomorrow but look forward to getting out my pastels again.

Thanks, Marjorie Yip, this is what I've been working on for the last couple of days, on and off, depending on the football. I really appreciate the comments and analysis very much and I'm so pleased the colours seem right, especially given your local knowledge of the North East coast. Bright days like this one, in May, are worth recording because you never know how many decades you'll have to wait for the next one. *lol* It's a funny feeling painting the very spot I used to draw from all those years ago. Hope you have a ball at Patchings and that the weather holds out. Brian

This is really beautiful, Brian. The rocks are perfect and the water lapping on the beach is spot on.

Thank you very much, Seth, for the great and very encouraging comments. Delighted you liked. Brian

There is a lot of work gone into this one and it's a beauty Brian.

Thank you very much, Alan, for the kind and supportive comments. Appreciated. I've enjoyed working on this one, and followed the old maxim, "Steady away gets you there". *smile* It helped that I actually took the photos and experienced the day and conditions first-hand. Lovely May day, and they are a rare treat on the North East coast. Brian

Only one word Brian.......perfect!

I like that word, Fiona. LOL Much appreciated feedback. Really chuffed. Brian

This is magnificent Brian, I would never have thought it was pastel, I thought it was oil. The sand, sea, sky and rocks look amazing! Your skill shines out from the painting, I hope you frame it and hang it on your wall😀😀 I love it.

Thank you very much, Margaret, for the amazing response to this pastel painting. I really appreciate your comments. Oil painting has definitely helped my pastel work, so it's interesting that you thought it could possibly be an oil painting. Thanks for that, I'm tickled pink. Brian

Thank you very much for the kind comment, Maureen. Appreciated. Brian

Thank you very much, Dennis and Russell, for the great comments. I'm delighted you liked this painting of my home town stomping ground. I know this coastal region better than most, I would think, having spent years walking along the beaches and the bottom of the cliffs from the mouth of the Tyne to Marsden Bay. As an adult there was always the Marsden Grotto waiting for me, at the end of the walk, with a cool pint. *smile* Brian

What fantastic colours Brian and a wonderful pastel painting so skilled!

Thank you very much indeed, Carole, for the very kind comments. I'm SO pleased you like this effort because it's a special place for me. My brother keeps telling me I see it through rose-tinted spectacles. I always reply, " No, I just see it". *smile* When the tide comes in, this view is lost until the next low tide. Brian

This is one of those 'I wish I was there' paintings. Always a good sign. Super work, Brian.

Thank you very much, Lewis, for the VERY generous comments. I was SO pleased to read your response to this piece. It WAS a pretty special day, if a bit unusual for the month. Delighted you liked. Brian

Amazing pastel Brian, with lovely atmosphere and skilfully painted.

By the way, you mentioned sixtieth in your narrative.......don’t believe you!

Thank you very much, Cesare, for the really encouraging comments. I'm delighted you liked this painting. Much appreciated Brian

It's true, it's true, Fiona. I'll have to edit my mini-bio to (60). SEE! I haven't had the courage to change it yet. *lol* On May the 4th I was still in my fifties. The following day I entered my sixties. It felt SO weird because I was sure I was forty only last year. Thirty surprised me, forty crept up silently, fifty amused me, but sixty felt and feels unreal, like it isn't really me, can't be me. The pic over my bio still looks like me, although I've lost a stone since then, but my age has suddenly leapt forward by ten years. "Ah well", as my dad used to say. Best Brian

Thank you very much, Dermot, for the generous comment. Appreciated. Brian


Thank you very much, David, for the generous comment. Appreciated. Brian

Love it :)

Sorry for the tardy response, Alan, but I've only just seen your kind comment. Thank you very much. Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel painting on Canson 160 g/m2 75lb (white). I used the other side of the paper to eliminate the textured surface, as per Marjorie's suggestion. This is a painting of Target Rock, South Shields, only seen from this angle at the lowest point of the tide. I used the photos I took on my sixtieth birthday when we all went to the beach for a paddle. My Jack and Pat pastel (recently posted) is from the same beach but showing the other side of the little bay. The middle section of the rock collapsed due to erosion some time ago, but as a boy aged 13/14, I used to sit close to the far edge with my pad and pencil to draw the adjacent cliffs and arch (also now collapsed). It was my secret and I never did show the drawings to anyone.

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