Justin Time

Justin Time

It's a superb drawing Brian . Well done

Thanks, Dennis. I'm in two minds about finishing it and feel tempted to give it a charcoal veneer. I honestly thought I'd chucked it, then found it in my drawings portfolio. Brian

Very skilful drawing Brian.

Thanks for the encouragement, Carole. Appreciated. Brian

Amazingly gorgeous Brian!

Thank you very much, Satu, for the amazing comment. Appreciated. Brian

It's a great drawing Brian, I'd leave it well alone.

Great drawing Brian, the hair especially.

Thanks Russell and Carole for the generous comments. I think I'll follow your advice, Russell, and maybe give it a tidy up, nothing much. The hair was thornier than I first imagined, Carole. It didn't seem real as I was drawing it and so I doubted myself all the way through. Pleased you mentioned it. Best to both Brian

Superb portrait Brian

Superbly drawn Brian.

It's smashing Brian, I would leave it as it is, he looks just great.

This is a very fine drawing, Brian. I have no clue about how you could improve it, so I agree with the others...it's finished. If you've any more 'abandoned' images like this, I'd like to see them.

Thank you very much, Dermot, Fiona, Margaret and Lewis for the sage advice. I'd started to finish the drawing around the neckline and face but hadn't really addressed his body. BUT I quite liked it as is, so I left it for awhile to think about how to proceed. Then, I did nothing. LOL Anyway, I really appreciate the comments and the nudge to call this one finished. Best to all Brian PS Sorry about the tardy response. I was in Kendal all day yesterday visiting family. B

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil sketch that I abandoned and now wish I hadn't. I still have it! I've just checked. Forget the first bit. *grin*

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