Midwinter across the Trent Valley.

Midwinter across the Trent Valley.

Looks to have some good potential Alan. A good start to be sure.

Sounds a tricky medium to use but is very effective.

It’s very effective Alan and my hat goes off to you for making life more complicated than it needs to be. Although I love winter scenes I would prefer to see them at a later date so that we can savour the last drops of summer and the oncoming autumn. Nevertheless a very lovely painting, with those attractive patchwork quilt fields.

Love that gate to the entrance of the composition Alan. Lots of interesting shapes and marks as you move around the image.

Personally, I think you could create a very creditable picture with the burnt end of a matchstick, so I'll reserve my admiration for you, rather than the materials - interesting though it would be to try them. Charcoal has always worked well with a bit of water - carbon pencils work with a little water, provided there's no grease anywhere on the paper. And I'm sure you've worked with conté crayon, which used to be one of my favourite media (and will be again, no doubt, when I order some more). You could do all sorts of things with some of these in combination, plus a stick of white conté, perhaps some work with pen or brush and ink, both Indian and Chinese ink.... no limit, really.... and in your hands, it'll work! In others', it'd be a major challenge. But either way - it's a lot of fun, working on a large scale with these sorts of media, mixed or on their own. I've always found it a challenge to sell them on completion, but then - not everything has to be for sale. Even so, this would look great in a frame, on an appropriate wall.

This is lovely, Alan, great perspective, super foreground shadows

Not qualified to comment on the technicalities ! But I like this.

Never heard of the liquid variety before, Alan, but I know a good snow scene when I see one, and this is a good'n. I'm liking monochromatic paintings more and more as time progresses. I used to see them as good practice, which they are, but I'm beginning to see how they stand on their own as an exciting genre. Great stuff! Bri

I think it’s very effective Alan and suits your style for landscape. Could you add oil to it so you know?

Thanks guys, I’m always up for a bit of a challenge with new (for-me) materials. Mono makes you consider tonal values so it’s always a worthwhile way to work. Tessa, anything goes I suppose, I’ll keep experimenting when I have a bit more time.

I was wondering about this new form of charcoal - have seen it advertised a lot - it has certainly worked well here, Alan, a lovely monochrome.

A fabulous beginning Alan, nice one.

The misty effects would also work well for describing a rainy landscape. Can you use brushes to paint it on? I like your first attempt Alan very much - it has a somewhat Chinese quality to it!

I like this a lot, I know nothing of liquid charcoal use, but the overall effect is great.

A beautiful winterlandscape is the result Alan! It’s a medium I’ve been thinking of trying out.

A great result with a new material, Alan.

Hang on Studio Wall

My first attempt with Nitram Liquid Charcoal, and the 6mm Round Batons. Interesting to work with, not quite as straightforward as it may look to paint this liquid charcoal on, but I’ll persevere with it. Fabriano 300lb HP paper, 11 x 15in.

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