An Impression of Moraira, Costa Blanca.

An Impression of Moraira, Costa Blanca.

Splendid colour and shapes in this piece Alan. The dark trees set it all off.

I like the huge sweep of the sea Alan - the blues offset the ochre and oranges of the buildings so well, and I enjoy the way it arcs towards the clouds. Great sense of warmth and light.

Wonderful perspective Allan, I love the way you are looking from high over the bay into the far distance, colours are perfect 👍😀

Lovely effect Alan. The olive green contrast with the buildings is great.

Beautiful colours Alan, love your paintings, see them regularly on POL on Facebook 👍🏻

Gorgeous joyous painting Alan.

A favourite colour combination of of mine, terracotta and ultramarine. Splendid painting.

A most excellent impression of sun and sea Alan, wonderful colour choices.

Great portrayal of the Spanish landscape Alan. Love that gentle curve with its golden sand set against the glistening blue sea. The ochre, siennas and wonderful green cypress trees just make this painting so inviting. Going to Spain-in the middle of September and your painting has made me impatient to be back there.

Really like this, Alan, especially the foreground - those dark trees are a lovely contrast against the buildings.

It's a gorgeously warm impression, Alan, and one that really has developed a great sense of place. The palette is everything. Very enjoyable. Bri

A lovely colourful impression of Spain. You can feel the heat!

Superb,as usual, Alan! Gorgeous palette, great composition

Gorgeous colours, Alan,

Another striking painting Alan. I do like the way you choose your vantage points so well. It adds so much to the painting.

It's all been said Alan so I shall just admire it!

Oh wow I feel the heat! Brilliant Alan.

Lovely, Alan.

Fabulous image, Alan - I can almost feel the heat!

Very striking painting, Alan - love the contrasting colours.

You got me salivating again Alan you keep doing it and this is superb

Beautiful interpretation with fabulous choice of colour and applied to enliven the canvas. You have captured the atmosphere and warmth perfectly.

What I always find fascinating about your work is your judgement of colour - in places the paint is very thin indeed, which means that you chose the right colour, applied it, left it, on the whole, and let it speak for itself. This can, of course, go quite hideously wrong in the hands of those who think themselves colourists, but forget that colour selection needs knowledge and judgement (I could refer to a couple of Scottish painters here, if I wished to be unkind, whose work sells but is ghastly) .... and that judgement comes with experience, constant painting, and probably inherent sense of colour and tone which can't readily be taught. And you can draw with the brush - not everyone can, and not everyone sees the need to. And why the name Alan Bickley is not better known than those of Scott Naismith and Julie Dumbarton ('colourhugs', anyone?) I don't know; but I did pretend I didn't want to be unkind, didn't I......

Another hot beauty!

Thanks guy's for your support. I've just repainted the sky and sea, I like the colours better in this version.

Another super addition to your Spanish series.

Just testing your email Alan since recent post. Great painting by the way.

Thanks guys, appreciated.

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Oil on MDF 20 x 20in. Continuing the Spanish series that I’ve been working on for some time now, using reference material from my recent trip. In the main, I’ve concentrated on subjects that reflect the architecture of the region near to me, as opposed to the landscape - this one has a bit of both. As always, minimal detail with the emphasis on colour and capturing the ambience of the place.

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