Evening Light over The Alhambra.

Evening Light over The Alhambra.

Lovely view of one of my favourite places on earth Alan.

It's fantastic, Alan. The impressionism shines through and there's just enough detail to fill the mind. Your palette is top drawer, as usual. It's an absolutely beautiful scene, complemented by your sense of place. Bri

Beautifully painted, you have captured the mood so well.

Great light, great warmth, great touches of colour.

I concur completely with Bri's comment, a brilliant piece Alan but it's what we expect from you!

I agree with all the comments above but just want to add that having visited this place so many times, it has given me so much nostalgic pleasure, as you have captured the essence of this beautiful place so well Alan.

That is stunning Alan, I love your interpretation of the scene and your pastel shades add to its beauty.

Very attractive painting Alan, love the warmth and the warm colours and distant view.

Got to be one of your most impressive studio paintings - at least, from among those you've shown here, I'm aware there's a back catalogue which I hope is on view somewhere... You've achieved this monumental picture with quite thin paint, too - which I always think is a good sign of a chap who knows just what he's doing.

Yes, it's certainly lovely Alan. Somehow you've just captured the essence of that evening light ( no mean feat! ), the sun losing its heat. The palette is excellently chosen, I love those greeny blues of the vegetation, complementing perfectly the warmth of the buildings.

I love this painting , the colours and the impressionist style , Alan.

Well what a wonderful reception this one has received. So glad you like it, more Spanish vista's to follow, I still have a sketch book full of subject material.

A beautiful scene, Alan.

Like the colours in the sky especially. Know what you mean about detail but you have the balance perfect for me. Another excellent effort.

Beautiful scene Alan. Love the colours and the composition, and the fact that it isn't an architectural drawing.

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Oil on MDF 20 x 20in. A studio painting worked up from my colour sketches and scribbles. A complicated subject to unravel, with the impressive Alhambra Palace taking centre stage. It’s important (for me), not to start adding detail on subjects such as this, I didn’t want an architectural drawing. I hope that I’ve managed to keep it loose and somewhat impressionistic in style. As always, my own interpretation of the scene.

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