Shanklin Looking Towards Sandown.

Shanklin Looking Towards Sandown.

Not over the top for me Alan, I never cease to be amazed at the formations in the sky day by day. Like the colours and contrast with the cliffs.

Nice one Alan, love the cliffs and the sky which is great by the way, I have walked along this path from Shanklin to Sandown quite a few times and this is a lovely painting of the area.

Vibrant and dramatic Alan. Note what you say about clouds.

Great painting, Alan vibrant above calm, below and terrific light in the cliffs.

I love this Alan. The sky is full of drama and love those colours. I've just had a week in Scotland and the skies were amazing. Didn't see many blue with white fluffy clouds. My grey pallet is in for a treat 😂💚

Such good colour Alan!

love it Alan strong painting in some ways it puts me in mind of fred cumins work which I also like a lot

excellent Alan you have captured the mood perfectly

Are you sure your not entering this for the Halloween challenge, cos that definitely looks like a hand coming out of that sky ready to clutch someone up lol.

The sky looks terrific Alan, so atmospheric, excellent work.

Dramatic sky and I love the light coming through.

Wow, what great comments, thank you all so much, I wasn't sure about posting it but so glad I did.

It's the sky that makes this for me Alan together with the light on the cliffs. Stunning!

Thanks Val, glad you like that sky.

It's a superb piece Alan, as for the sky, I agree with Val , the light on the cliffs and the light blue on the horizon are just wonderful.

I just love the sky, Alan. Very dramatic.

Love this Alan, great format, and the sky is wonderful. I am looking to get away from blue with white fluffy clouds, yours is a stunning example of what is possible using some imagination. So glad to hear there will be more to follow, keep them coming!

You know how to capture that drama Alan, the sky is magnificent! Beautiful contrasts.

Amazing painting and terrific sky, Alan, great composition.

No harm as you know working from photos Alan. Excellent work and there is nothing wrong with a non pretty sky!

Good, I like your dramatic skies Alan, great colours and I like this painting very much.

Some latecomers to thank, all appreciated.

Ps. Dark skies and shafts of sunlight on the the land always does it for me, wish I could do that.

'Ere, you're on my island again!! A-mollickin' with our wimmen-folk and a-paintin' of our scenery - you'm begone, buoy - we don' want your sort raind 'ere! But leaving that aside, he said, assuming the mantle of the 21st century and adjusting his accent: the thing about a coast exposed, as ours is, to the Atlantic is that you see so many different and vibrant skies - I can entirely believe in this one; was it Turner who said that you can exaggerate as much as you like, and still not achieve the madder colours of a coastal sky - probably not, but someone said something similar! Light conditions, and the ingress of Atlantic clouds, can produce skies that you wouldn't believe unless you'd seen them yourself, and I've no problem at all with the accuracy of this, and great respect for the artistic vision which produced it.

Thank you Carole, you can achieve this effect if you work on it, it's not too difficult. Robert, you do make me laugh with your rhetoric, thank you enormously.

Hello Alan, I looked out of the car window yesterday and thought I saw this exact sky! It wasn't exactly, now I look again at your picture, but I immediately thought of your picture, which shows what an impact it had had.

Brilliant Shirley, glad you like it.

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Oil on board 12 x 22in. My rather loose impression, a quick 30 minute blast using a reference photo taken by my sister last month. She's taken a fair few for me so there will be more to follow, but I do have sketch books also to refer to from my many previous visits to the Island. The sky may be a bit over-the-top but I don't paint too many blue skies with white fluffy clouds, they just aren't my thing.

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