Knole House, Kent

Knole House, Kent

Another one with such energy and interest - great colours Alan.

So inspiring Alan! Dynamic painting, love how you have handled the silhouette of the building behind the facade, and the touch of pink in the sky.

Well worth waiting for Alan an excellent job here

Goodness - that looks really spooky! Isn't it interesting how a choice of colours can affect the atmosphere of a place. Your dark tones of the building and the stormy looking sky certainly set a shivery tone.

Really eerie Alan love the shadowy turrets in background . Can't see any bees around!

Superb light, textures and palette, full of dramatic atmosphere. Fabulous, Alan!

Again, I love everything in this painting Alan! The use of colours is incredible and the details accurate without being boring. I always admire the fantastic way you treat the sky....blacks, blues, yellows, pinks all thrown together without a worry, freely and happily. Great work!

Another great image Alan. I love your style of painting - there is so much to attract the attention.

Quite eerie this one with the darker colour scheme but still a very exciting painting. Makes me think of dawn after a very stormy night.

Thank you everyone for your welcome comments. I am working on Renishaw Hall at present and a very different atmosphere to this one, I hope you like it.

Saw Renishaw Hall on TV this am, might be worth a visit zi think. My grandmother and her family lived near there early 1900s. Look forward to your painting Alan.

There is a hint of John Piper here - although this is entirely your own vision, no one else&#39;s - and if you&#39;re working on a painting of Renishaw, that comparison is going to be a strong one because he produced many drawings and paintings of the building and its grounds, reproduced in Osbert Sitwell&#39;s autobiography (in fact, with all due respect to Osbert, the drawings were by far the best things in those three volumes and the reason I&#39;ve kept them).<br /><br />The comparison is inevitable if you produce paintings of buildings and make them characters in your work rather than incidental to a landscape - I look forward to seeing Renishaw, when you&#39;ve finished it (in fact, I&#39;d like to see the stages you go through to get to the end result).

Thank you Robert, I only have the initial line drawing and what will be the finished thing, but if you are interested I will almost certainly be attempting another view of this magnificent building and I can keep a photographic record for you, perhaps put it on my blog.<br /><br />I do have an original 1942, I think it is, lithograph of the Hall from the rooftop, with the battlements in the foreground, I expect you know the one, an interesting composition indeed. Just had a look at JP&#39;s version, the only one I can see of the same view, and apart from being a building with windows bears little resemblance to my effort, and a good deal more interesting and technically handled which is no less than I would expect from a great artist.

That&#39;s a lovely piece of work Alan , beautifully dramatic

Another broody effort. Great stuff. I do like your sinister skies.

I must get down to Kent again, if only and see that green sky they seem to have . Keep up the &#39;painting by numbers&#39; Bickley !<br />

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media on Turner Blue handmade paper, 11 x 15''.

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