Entrance to Rye Harbour - Acrylic for Robert


Very appealing great colours. I presume you’ve tried using acrylic slow drying medium, I find it useful on occasion and it may give you the oil like experience?

Thanks Andrew, no I haven’t actually, never thought about it so I’ll get some…

Looking at this again, the photo image is a bit too dark on the land mass, but I can’t swap it now unfortunately! Looks better in the flesh as they say…

An interesting experiment Alan, if I may call it that, having read the Forum thread. Acrylics are so different aren’t they? Obviously you’ve used them with skill and I look forward to seeing Robert’s response!

Interesting Alan and I wonder about Roberts response. I do use acrylics sometimes and have a bottle of slow drying medium to hand if I should want to use it.

Love your tones and how you lead the eye into that calm but beautiful Sky - Great work Alan.

A lovely outcome Alan, we do learn so much from experimenting and it’s always worth the effort.

Like your use of colour - am with you on drying time of acrylics

And of course I missed it at first - but have seen it now. Well now, you've got your acrylics - though hang on: W & N don't make Cryla... Daler-Rowney do: nothing wrong with W & N acrylics, but they haven't much in common with the D-R brand, which I assume you mean. Do you think you might have done an even better rendition of this one in oil? Does the dry time make a huge amount of difference (if so, a stay-wet palette would resolve it). You've got an impressive depth and range of colour with a currently unfamiliar medium, while the usual complaint against acrylic tends to be that they're not as subtle as oils: I think there's something in that, but that tends to be because people don't take the same degree of trouble, they think acrylics are easy and take them for granted. Not that this is what I'm saying about you at all - but I certainly have trouble with getting the same degree of delicacy with acrylics as I can get (sometimes!) with oil. Anyway - as I say, you have your collection of acrylics, whoever made them, and, greedily, I'd like to see more.

Oh, the slow-drying medium - I don't use it; I think I have some somewhere or other, but the stay-wet palette works better for me, and I don't have to keep remembering to add a drop of paint retarder; in fact, I have a bottle of it, still half-full, that I bought 50 years ago - I can't see it at the moment, but it's probably right in front of me....

Thanks everyone for your comments! Yes Robert, I obviously mean Daler-Rowney Cryla. I’m a fairly rapid painter, so in actual fact, the quick drying time isn’t a great concern to me. I’d say that the same amount of skill is needed as with oils… I’m going to have another go with them shortly!

Really like this Alan, the lovely soft colours and the interesting marks.

Lovely Alan and beautiful colours. 😍 I have to say I am a lover of acrylics and agree lots of peeps think acrylic is easy. It's not. I feel you have to work even harder to get the vibes 🥰

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40x50cm board. For Robert and anyone else interested: I haven’t used acrylics for quite some time, so I bought a small selection of W&N Cryla acrylics and had another go. I much prefer the longer drying oils, because I like to work into wet paint, but I could get used to them in time with some adjustment!

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