Out of the Blue

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Out of the Blue

My two successful achievements in May 2015

The first with an editorial in the 'Paint' magazine for the Society of All Artists about my rigid painting routine and experiences in 'Living Back to Nature' in a motorhome for two years during 2005- 07. This was a big achievement as I was published on the Professional Associates pages. I am aiming high and I enter 'Artist of the Year' every year, and I feel really honoured to be published in their magazine. on regular occasions. The second was the publication of 'Puffin Nuffin' painting into the Leisure Painter, chosen off this website. It was a big surprise, totally out of the blue and I was thrilled to bits. It was an exciting painting and I loved experimenting with the watercolour techniques for the background of using sea salt and splashing with a toothbrush. See the painting attached.


Enthralled to receive a comment and enjoy surfing others work, love this website.

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