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art and craft fairs
Attending art and craft fairs

So, after much thought and deliberation, you have decided to attend your first art and craft fair.…

Jan Underdown | Posted on 09 Jul 2020
Shady Pool, PW sml
A pictorial alphabet of favourite places around England – P for Princes Woods (2)

A pictorial alphabet of favourite places I've sketched and painted around England

David Whitehead | Posted on 09 Jul 2020

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Join ussmall
The doors to our virtual marquee number 10 are now open!

Join us in marquee number 10 for a fantastic virtual art event

Steam Tug
Stephen Kelly wins our June calendar challenge

Stephen Kelly has been announced as the winner of the June calendar challenge.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 12.46.53
Future Forest

Future Forest, a dramatic sculptural installation by Tom Piper and Lisa Wright, is reopening at High Lodge, Thetford Forest.

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David Curtis paints a portrait of The Artist editor, Sally Bulgin
Paint groups of people in oil with Rob Wareing

Rob Wareing paints a musical trio in oil paint. Demonstrating how to capture people in group situations in your paintings.

Paint a Patchings vista in gouache with Graham Laughton

Follow Graham Laughton step by step as he sketches a Nottinghamshire landscape in gouache.

stage4  ps
Paint the Japanese bridge at Patchings Art Centre with Alan Bickley

Enjoy part of the stunning Patchings Art Centre grounds virtually as Alan Bickley shares a step-by-step demonstration.

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