Mayflower on the Wye (4)

DSC_0027b Mayflower 4


Four excellent pieces Anthony. They look very difficult to paint.

Very good indeed

That bu Sh is incredible. Great result Anthony and good look for the exhibition.


The contrast with the background foliage is so good

A beautiful series of paintings, which excite my envy. I know how hard it is to paint Hawthorn, Blackthorn etc; you can very quickly lose all sense of shape, but YOU haven't; so that'll be me..... I would imagine the biggest mistake is to use pure white, but there are bound to be others, and I'll have made most of them.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Ive now done about 12 of these little pictures so Im sort of getting to grips with this subject. For me the main issue with Hawthorn is that there is actually quite a lot of green in the tree as the flowers come out after the leaves. I do add a very slight hint of a light ochre into the white of the flower as this takes the edge of the whiteness.

Beautiful detail in the flowers.

Hang on Studio Wall

The final work of a set of 4 that will be on show at the RWA 2024 Friends exhibition

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