Get Gallery Ready with Parker Harris - FREE Workshop

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Get Gallery Ready with Parker Harris - FREE Workshop

Do you have questions about galleries, whether to approach them, what they look for and how to get representation? Parker Harris' FREE workshop covers all this and more to answer your queries!

Galleries. This is the burning topic on a lot of artists minds and by far, the number one subject visual arts consultants and mentors Parker Harris get asked about.

After almost 35 years of working with artists, Parker Harris understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with navigating the world of art galleries.

As a result of the wealth of experience they have, Parker Harris are hosting a FREE workshop for all to attend.

The free "Get Gallery Ready" workshop will take place on Wednesday 17th April 2024 at 5pm. This is your opportunity to learn time-tested strategies and get answers to your burning questions.



Parker Harris Team

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Who can attend the online workshop?

Whether you've got a few shows under your belt, or you're seeking gallery representation for the first time, this workshop is tailored for artists of all levels and experience.

What will be covered during the free workshop?

There will be many different topics covered during the "Get Gallery Ready" workshop. Here are some of the main focuses for the session:

  • The different types of galleries and their potential benefits for artists
  • Strategies for presenting your work and making it attractive to galleries
  • Insider tips on approaching galleries and understanding what they look for

Join to learn how to identify the right galleries for you and gain the confidence to take your art career to new heights.

Can't watch live next week? Not to worry - if you sign up you will receive a link to watch the recording after the session has taken place.

Sign up to Parker Harris' "Get Gallery Ready" FREE workshop today.

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