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  • Resarch questionaire: please respond !!!

    Product design coursework: User Research: Hello, my name is Florence Du Bignon, and I am currently a Sixth Form student studying Product Design at A Level, as well as fine art. My coursework for this subject involves having to produce a prototype of a specific product that I have designed and made myself. Part of this coursework requires me to gather useful and relevant research/ information from a range of different people to help produce a product fit for the end user. Please could you fill out this survey I have put together for me to collect a range of user information which is all relevant to the development of my product. What product am I aiming to make? The aim of my product is to produce a workspace for mainly art projects, but also for projects that are not art related, which combines different pieces of art equipment together along with storage for the user’s supplies. I want the product to be easily moved around as well as packed away. Thank you for taking time

    Florence Dubignon | Posted on 16 Aug 2019

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