View through a Sheer Curtain

View through a Sheer Curtain

I really like the abstract quality of this. Very well done.

you have really captured the sense of seeing through a curtain what a great notion. hope your flu gets better !

Wow, Eddy, this is very, very special. What a wonderful idea and beautifully executed. I hope you get well very soon!

What a brilliant idea to paint looking through the curtain. It works so well and is delicate and full of longing - I bet you can't wait to get better and be outside. Really magical painting. P.S. I do hope you get better soon - my bout of flu in January lasted for 6 weeks and was horrible.

Brilliant idea, Ping, and a sensational painting! LIke Stephen, I like the abstract quality about it.

PS. I forgot to wish you a speedy recovery!

You've captured a lovely scene with feeling, I can see the robin and is that a little blue tit bouncing on the top middle branch? Elusive and subtle. Get well soon

Posted by ali . on Tue 22 Feb 07:10:06

Such a delicate painting - a pleasure to contemplate. Get well soon too.

This is a lovely, unusual painting. Such an inspired idea ! Louise

Amazing! - such a beautiful painting. ( I hope you feel better soon)

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. After posting this painting, I did notice a few flaws. (Maybe my eyes were not focusing well before!) I will take another go at it. Thanks again for all your kind thoughts.

So unusual and very eyecatching and beautiful. I'm sure it cheered everyone up and I hope you are all now feeling better.

Unusual subject Yu Ping. I like the abstract quality it conveys. well done. Get well soon. Jx

I am catching up on the paintings I have missed over the last week, this one caught my eye , its lovely and such a clever idea, as Kirstie said on the larger view so much more is revealed,

Lovely painting - a very creative approach to the subject matter.

Thanks, Kirstie, Val, Jean, William and Ceri for your kind comments...

I think this is a brilliant design. The curtain breaks up the image in a very intereresting way and the colours are just right.

Thanks, ArtKaSurrey. I do like to talk to you a bit more about design.....

Lovely highly unusual painting Yu Ping, it works beautifully!

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The apricot tree is in full bloom, and the sun is bright, but temperatures are still low, and everyone I know (including myself) is suffering from a nagging flu, so I painted this view through a window curtain to cheer us all up.

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