Not Audrey Hepburn - One Liner

Not Audrey Hepburn - One Liner

It doesn't matter that it doesn't look like Audrey Hepburn - maybe call it Struggling with the Lip Liner! Made me smile and its a lovely little study.

I love the title and does it matter? It's a fine one-liner of a glamorous lady beautifully painted!

Thank you very much Pat, Louise and Gudrun. Not quite the result I was hoping for but these one liners have a life of their own! How about a challenge to do a one-liner (either right way up or upside down) of a famous person, post it and see if people can guess who it is? Could be a bit of fun, although sadly I doubt that anyone would have got poor Audrey, lol!

A lively bit of fun, here, Thea. Very affective use of pen and watercolour.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 28 Nov 17:23:33

Oh, I love a challenge! I will to have a go at this sometime over the weekend. Lovely portrait of a sophisticated lady!

Classy lady!

A smashing Not Audrey Hepburn Thea and I'm in for the challenge!

Thanks very much CA, Christine, Fiona and Satu ( glad to hear you are up for the challenge, Satu ,)

Good fun piece in your usual distinctive style - nice one Thea

Good fun and very colourful - I like it.

I love this, Thea! Doesn't matter who she resembles, but it's a piece that stands on its own merits. Bright, fresh and brimming with attitude. Super job!

Hang on Studio Wall

I was challenged a while back to do a portrait of Audrey Hepburn, but felt at the time that it was a bridge too far for me. However, buoyed up with the confidence that doing the one liners has given me, I thought I would give it a go, doing it semi-blind - (had to look for the eyelashes and the centres of eyes). Unfortunately, it doesn't look a bit like our Audrey, but I quite liked it for other reasons so decided to post it rather than bin it. P.S. Don't know why but image looks a bit blurry until enlarged.

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