Souter Lighthouse

Souter Lighthouse

What a beautiful painting, very subtle, but clear, and perfectely formed, i really like this painting :-)

It's a lovely, fresh painting, Thea! Wonderful use of colour.

Nothing much wrong with this in my humble opinion. By the way, which email newsletter?

Thank you so much Rebecca, Ruth, Kistie and Gudrun for such encouraging comments. I don't know why but I always feel so daunted by a landscape and am never totally satisfied with the end result. However, your encouragement makes me want to keep going and keep trying to get better. Gunrun, the newsletter came out today and if you sign up by clicking on the link on top right of home page, then you will get one. If all fails then email Dawn and she will see you get one. Kirstie, I am glad if you found the articles interesting - fame indeed - never going to happen!! But thank you!

Beautiful work Thea. I've looked closely and spotted that you've even painted the panes of glass carefully in your trademark colours. I always manage to mess my windows up. I try and scrub them out, hide the mistakes in white gouache which never really works and then you come along and show me how it should be done ie. in one hit (lol) The white building is super, obviously you got it right first time and I like the addition of red on the lighthouse.

Thea, if you're battling with landscapes then I believe you've won not just the battle but the war! This is just beautiful - clean, crisp and charming. And I've just read your article, so another well done to you!

Lovely, restrained watercolour, less is more and it works well!

Lovely and clear, just like the seaside, great colours Thea and good drawing.

I think you are doing really well Thea , this is beautiful.

I would be chuffed to bits if I had painted this - I think it is charming. I really enjoyed reading your article in the newsletter too.

Battle no more....... I think you've won!

Many, many thanks to Louise, Jane, Stephen, Carole, Denise, Julie and Fiona for such generous comments. Carry on like this and I might even be tempted to do a few more landscapes!

i don't quite see why you might think this is a problem - Its lovely, and i'd be dead chuffed to produce anything close to this.

I love your style and it was really interesting to read about it in the newsletter. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Thank you very much Tony and Christine for your lovely comments. Glad you liked the article in the newsletter. It was an experience launching into journalism!!

I know it well Thea, it's about 25 miles up the coast from me and you've captured it beautifully.

Thank you very much Paul for your nice comment. However, seeing that you familiar with the scene I hope you are not spotting the bits of artistic licence that have crept in!! Purely for compositional integrity you understand lol!

Another wonderful watercolour. It shows off your unmistakable style at its very best.

Thea, this is really stunning! I think you've done more than well with landscapes, and ths is one of my favorites in your very distinguished gallery.

Thank you very much Pat and Seok - I am glad that you like the painting. Perhaps next time I will combine my boats with another lighthouse....?

Love these buildings and the light airy feel you have captured.

Just one word for this....... Perfect.

Super work Thea and so many lovely comments!

Lovely work Thea. I love the simple sky. Gorgeous tones in the whole picture. It must inspire you to continue your journey through landscapes?

Really beautiful painting Thea, I love your style

Perfect for me! I adore light houses and the contrast with the "square" house is superb. I love it.

Thanks to all of you for such super comments. I always feel I struggle to make the right decisions when I paint a landscape, but all your encouragement will spur me on to keep trying.

Hi Thea, it is a long while since I was here and have not seen you at BWW for a while so hope you all is well. Having looked at your recent paintings, I think this is my favourite. They are all good but I agree with the others - clean and crisp. Lovely.

^^^ Actually it's few years since I've been Thea so i didn't notice your artistic licence. Lol. I'll have to go back and look again now ; )

Many congratulations Thea for your multiple top tens this month!! Your work is amazing and I love it!

Thank you very much, Petra, for your kind words. However, I feel rather embarrassed at cluttering up the top ten with four of my paintings as there is so much beautiful work being posted on the gallery that I do feel that some others deserved a place more than I do.

I think this is absolutely delightful......So light and fresh....I personally love your watercolours Thea. Good work.

Hang on Studio Wall

I keep battling away at landscapes but did really enjoyed tackling this scene. I think I have a long way to go before they are as I want them to be, but I'll keeping going......! Watercolour on Langton 300lbs.

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