Whip Hand

Whip Hand

Very loose and full of movement. I like it.

I agree. I really like teh way you've developed your style. Even my son looked and said Ooh I like that; it's so full of movement and believe me that's praise indeed from him. I love the ground and the splashes of mud.

You could feel the intesity and the strain of the race on the horses. It's hard to capture something like that, and you did it with such finesse.

Very dynamic and expressive. These few eloquent brushstrokes say more about horse racing than any number of photographs or analytically observed studies. Congratulations.

Very well observed, and full of movement, love it!

Many thanks to all who have commented. Feedback is so valuable and it is lovely to have such positive comments. Spurs me on (no pun intended!).

Great treatment and energy

I could never do this - just placing the colour where it needs to be, letting it merge and mingle, and leaving white paper where no marks are required. Very effective indeed.

This is really striking! Movement and energy in such economical strokes. Wow! What a jump forward you are making....Well done!

Thank you Brian, Robert and Ruth. It is so kind of you to comment and say such nice things. Very encouraging for me. Ruth, I hope you feel better soon as I understand you have been rather poorly.

Thea , you have such a great style. You're a master ( mistress ? ) of water colour. Can't believe this is only your second attempt at horses. I love this one.

Kate, you are very kind and flatter me. I feel I am a long way from being either master of mistress watercolour, but it is really sweet of you to say that. I started painting just under three years ago and I have been chasing this style since the start. I have been up many blind alleys and had a lot of failures. However, just lately, I feel the penny has finally dropped over some aspects of the style, so am enjoying painting very much at the moment. thank you so much for commenting.

excellent thea ....esp given 2nd attempt

Just brilliant Thea! There is so much movement and energy in this painting - wow! Very well done.

Can only second all the previous comments, its a lively painting that catches the eye...great job!

Wonderfully loose, full of energy, you've shown so very well that that less is more. Perfect, what else is there to say.

Wonderful loose style, full of energy and you have illustrated so well how less is more. Excellent painting, what more can I say.

Hi Thea - I meant to comment on this one, and as you left me a comment, you reminded me to do the same, complicated eh? I love the blobbyness of this painting - smashing!

Thank you all so much for all your comments. I don't normally do anything with four legs, so this was a complete change for me and great fun to do.

Is this the one in 'Paint' magazine? The photo here really doesn't do it justice. A lovely, loose painting...the best kind of watercolour.

Hello Thea, have just seen the article about you in the SAA magazine, well done you - this is a lovely action painting... but I have always loved your work, its good to see you getting the recognition you deserve

Thank you so much Mita and Jenny for those kind words. It was all rather a surprise when I was asked - but very exciting when I got my copy of the magazine.

Thea , very well done re- the above painting. Unfortunately ,I missed the article, but I do hope that in the near future, the" powers that be "will decide to print a book on how you achieve your marvellous pictures. I would be first in the queue to buy it :)

....just wanted to congratulate you thea really enjoyed reading your article in SAA mag ..wonderful to see your painting on the cover !

Thank you Sarah, Jane and Kirstie for your lovely comments. Yes, Kirstie, I couldn't believe it when the team at Paint contacted me out of the blue and asked if they could feature one of my paintings on the front cover. Such an honour and a bit nerve wracking if I have to be honest.

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