Eyton Races

Eyton Races

Again, I see the influence of Charles Reid; full of life and movement: oddly enough (I'm a quirky swine..) the part of the painting that most appeals to me is that splashy touch of blue on the left, palely mirrored on the right: it's the clarity of the colour, I think, and its transparency. But the painting as a whole works well, quite apart from the bits to which my eccentric eye is drawn, and I admire your self-discipline - it must be SO tempting to "finish" this sort of thing, to fill in all the gaps, to tidy up the details, complete all details of hoof and fetlock: of course, if you had done that you would have rendered this lively painting entirely static; and it's anything but that.

This is a really good painting Thea! There is a lot of movement, lovely soft colours and a lot of atmosphere!

Robert and Satu said everything there is to say. I just can add to this: stunning, amazing, beautiful.

Thank you very much Robert and Satu for such nice comments. Robert, it is always nice to get a detailed critique so thank you for taking the time to do that. I understand what you are saying about resisting the temptation to finish every detail and I did find that hard when I first started painting. However, I have been painting in this style for about 3 years now (I know that is a nanosecond considering some people's experience!) and it has now become second nature. I have a horror of going too far and shutting a painting down by covering every inch of paper with paint. The only way I get a buzz from a painting is when the painting has been left room to breath. Even one brush stroke too many can destroy a painting in my experience and I have to creep slowly when I know I am getting near the end. Of course, I do get it wrong quite a bit (as my bin will testify) and that usually happens when I lose concentration. Consequently, I paint in short bursts of less than an hour usually as that is the only way I find I can try and avoid the pitfall of saying too much. As for Charles Reid, I am so excited because I have been able to get on one of his rare courses in the UK in 2013 - four and a half days of the joy of watching him paint - can't wait!

Thank you so much Mia for your very kind comment - very much appreciated.

Exhilarating painting Thea. Lovely clear washes.....like it!

Your horses are amazing Thea, I love it!!

Thank you very much Fiona and Petra. I am so grateful for your continuing and very helpful support.

Lovely atmospheric painting Thea, your horses are painted so well.

Wonderful Thea....such vitality! I love your watercolours which are the complete opposite to mine.... your style looks so relaxed (though I think I may be wrong!) I can imagine how you're looking foreward to the workshop... very courageous too!

Thank you very much Glennis and Avril for your lovely comments. Avril, it has been an ambition of mine to just be able to watch CR paint as I find his technique and decision making unique and fascinating. I don't expect to produce anything of note on the course because I never have been able to in the past when in that situation, but I am sure I will learn a lot and hopefully be able to be better at making the right decisions about a painting. My decision making process is rather hit and miss and could do with improving I feel.

Day at the races! Lovely composition Thea with those people in the backround. Loads of energy!

Thank you, Carole, for your kind comment. Local point to point meetings are a lot more gung ho than normal horse racing at the bigger courses. They are very informal and you can get much closer to the horses which is how Roger got this photo. I do enjoy painting horses as I love the colour and the movement.

Super expressive brush strokes Thea with a great sense of movement and spontaneity. Lovely merging of the paint within the horses in ' your' colours. I always think that your splashes of colour are particularly brave as they could so easily go wrong and spoil the painting as I've found from experience. The splashes add so much here though and work well (as you already know!) Very well done.

Thank you so much, Louise, for such a nice and detailed comment. I agree about the splashes - they can be risky and don't always work out. If anything, you have to be more careful with them with than with some of the actual painting, even although they are supposed to looked very casual and unstudied. I use the splashes when I find myself getting a bit fiddly as it seems to snap me out of it.

It's a superb perspective, Thea, and a superb rendition of speed and movement. And as usual, I love your very joyful palette.

I like it... A lot. One of my favourite sports. I love a day at the races and you have portrayed the atmosphere brilliantly. I wouldn't have been able to resist slapping a load of green paint around the horses legs but the little you have added near the fence is just enough. By the way I think I would have backed the one at the back and lost all my money. LOL

Thank you very much Seok and Chris for taking the time to have a look and add such nice comments. Chris, being a Scot I am not usually a betting lady, but I did go to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot once - all dolled up, etc and got so caught up in the betting that I ended up screaming for my horse like a raucous fish-wife! I did win £97 in total so perhaps all the verbal bashing worked!

A very lively sense of movement Thea, great stuff!

Thank you, Paul. I do find horses fun to paint as there is so much to get your teeth into - movement, colour, excitement, etc.

Many congratulations Thea, top ten again!! you truly deserve it, your paintings are amazing :)

Congratulations on your top ten spot Thea, lovely painting :)

Congrats - top 10 again - such great technique Thea - so deserved

Thank you so much to you all for your continuing kindness and support.

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Eyton Races are local point to point races held most Bank Holidays and we can hear and see the course from my daughter's house in the village. Roger took this photo last year of a group of riders thundering towards him - very brave of him I thought! Watercolour on Langton 140lbs.

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